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How to restore deleted messages thanks to a recent bug in WhatsApp

The revelation is based on the lack of an application back-up system, which occurs in most mobile phones at 2:00 am.

An error recently discovered in the WhatsApp messaging application allows you to recover deleted messages.

Some time ago, the instant messaging service gave users the ability to remove unwanted notes. In particular, they can be deleted one hour after their dispatch. The application notifies the recipient of the action with the phrase "You will delete this message" that will appear when the note appeared earlier.

However, thanks to a … error in backup system There is currently a way to see the contents of the deleted item.

To do this, we need to restore a backup of mobile phones of several WhatsApp users every day at 2:00.

To do this, you need to delete the program and then reinstall it from the device store. When you are logged in, you will be able to restore your chat from backup. Selecting the above option will restore all conversations, including deleted messages. they will appear again as if they were never deleted.

At the same time there are risksin connection with the restoration of the abovementioned copies. For example, an Internet user will lose messages sent between the phone and the backup.

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