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How Much Angelica Rivera Appeared Into The Peña Nieto?

After blessing her career as one of the most important actresses in Mexico, thanks to the Telenovela as a Just maria, Get Started II, Owner and Distilled Love (which gave her the nickname "Seagull") Angelica Rivera She stopped being Mexican First Woman.

On December 1, 2012 – her husband Enrique Peña Nietowith who Rivera He was married on November 27, 2010, and took the Mexican United States Presidency.

From these days of actress Rivera He had some memories in September this year, celebrating the cinematic trajectory of the first part of the Silver Light Award. Mexico's first lady said in her speech: "As an actress, I always wanted to get courage and recognize the work of actors and cinematographers … today, this idea has become a reality, leaving this award a very important legacy to recognize our great trajectories and talent in our country "

Wife Enrique Peña Nieto He led an emotional speech, in which he emphasized the fight for the realization of dreams. Angelé would not have been possible in her case without her husband's support, who also thanked her for her sensitivity and desire to support art.

Thank you for all your help and your great sensitivity to support the art and talent that Mexico has given us and which makes us feel so proud of you married actress! "Said the former actress?

Watch a video to review her look and style at the time she was the first lady.

Will we see it on TV when this stage is over?

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