Tuesday , February 7 2023

Hack Exchange House Gate.io StatCounter Analytics Tool Violation | CryptoNews


The malicious script was also used only if more than 10 BTCs were removed, and in the case of small items, it provided a daily withdrawal limit for the account.

The wide range of attackers' activities is amazing in this attack, as it is able to break the analytical tool used by more than two million websites and calculates statistics that exceeds 10 billion pageviews per month, from the StatCounter homepage. Despite this wide range, the attack was tailored solely to Gate.io, but malicious scripts that are tailored to other exchange houses may appear.

No Detection with Gate.io

Infected MalCode StatCounter it was not found With None of the 56 services from antivirus and gate.io security. However, according to ESET, this could be due to the fact that the malicious script was placed in the middle of the code, where it is usually "found at the beginning or end of a legitimate file." This made this code "hard to detect," notes ESET.

After this breakthrough exchange, the house in Singapore continues to operate while the security team checks for other potential vulnerabilities.

With this grave on Gate.io, a cryptoculture exchange that has been the victims of computer assaults that have been a significant boom in 2018. Let's remind you that a witch was recorded a week ago exchange house in Canada, which stated that there was a lack of funds to compensate for losses. There are also huge losses of exchange losses in Japanese Coinchek, and Italian BitGrail.

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