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Find five concentration points in Caracas for this 2F


February 1, 2019 02:56
Updated February 1, 2019 at 14:57 PM

In Caracas, the protest that was invited to thank the international community for the support of the Venezuelan interim president, Juan Guaidó, will begin at 9 pm. 10:00 in five points and the culmination will be the main Las Mercedes avenue.

Meeting points include: El Marqués, Santa Fé distributor, Boulevard del Cafetal, Millenium shopping center and Paza José Martí Chacaíto.

The protest coincides with the day when the European Union (EU) granted Nicolás Maduro's call for free elections.

"On February 2 this year, the European Union expires Maduro to convene free and transparent elections, so we in Venezuela are returning to the streets to support President Guaidó and thank the countries for their support for democracy," Voluntad Popular reported. Twitter.

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