Wednesday , March 3 2021

Fedenaga claimed to be working on a loss on the agenda

Photo: archive

Photo: archive

Vice President Venezuelan Bovine Breeders' Federation (Fedenaga), Luis Prado, a detailed Tuesday in an interview with journalist Shirley Varnagy on Wave Circuit Superstate, "For many years in the livestock sector we work with losses".

Prado said countries are planning to market a large percentage of livestock, and it has been reported that meat reaches the consumers' meat-chain product, trying to enter the chain on the heathen, which they do, are breaking links. "

In this regard, he stressed that this measure only caused shortcomings. "The central government asks nations about 1000 bovine animals"He stressed that farmers have an erroneous notion because they want to give up work and"we live from our work"He said.

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