Monday , February 6 2023

Emma Thompson's "lady" from the British Empire


British actress Emma Thompson was nominated today by the Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth II, in the Queen Elizabeth II last June.

Yesterday, a 59-year-old singer was defeated at Buckingham Palace and said she had missed a "snigger" with Prince William, whom he knew since he was a kid.
"I like the prince, I knew him because I was small and we smiled at each other," he said.

In addition, the actress said she sought second place in the lineup of the British throne if he could kiss her when he put on the finish, but he rejected that idea because he did not belong to the protocol.

For this, Thompson was an emerald-wearer of British designer Stella McCartney wearing white fur.

Actress, Comic, and Screenwriter Emma Thompson was born on April 15, 1959 in London, England. The Scottish actress Phyllida Lawa's daughter, who was recognized for her work on British television, began broadcasting British television in 1987, but his marriage to Kenneth Branagh made him famous and began to attract the attention of a specialized critic.

With this prize, the actress looks at the long list of awards she has received throughout her long career as an actress, including two Oscars, three Beatles, two Gold Globes and one Emma.

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