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differences in two Battle Royale mobile devices

Today we are talking to you Differences Between Free Fire and Fortnite, two Battle Royale games that are facing popularity on mobile devices. Fortnite Battle Royale does not have much to talk about, as it is a world-famous game that is constantly growing, and Garena Free Fire is an interesting alternative, which is becoming more and more popular as it is geared towards and optimized for devices. mobile

Let's start by talking about the different philosophies that both sections follow when playing your game on mobile devices. Then we will continue the main differences that they play in the game to finish talking about those related to armaments, rows, letters and their micro-peoples.

Versatility to mobility


Both games are different your strategy for the platforms for which it is available. Fortnite is looking for a cross game and reaches all available devices, so it can be played on both Windows and Mac computers and next-generation consoles – both the PS4, the Xbox One, or even the Nintendo switch. In addition, it has also reached Android and iOS mobile devices.

This strategy is very good for growing fast because it allows you to play with your friends or neighbors, regardless of each device or consoles. But it has a downside to the fact that, in order to offer the experience as similar as possible, everything does make the mobile device require more specification, and it may be that some kind of game that turns out to be good on the desktop is not always so comfortable with the phone.

Free fire

Meanwhile, there is "free fire" game designed exclusively for mobile devicesboth iOS and Android. This can significantly limit the multiplayer experience to people who have other types of devices, but allows developers to create a game that matches the peculiarities of mobile players.

For example, games are shorter and faster, while taking half the players in each game. And most importantly the game weighs significantly less than the "Fortnite", which allows it to be played on devices with smaller specifications or less space. In exchange for this advantage, the graphics are a little more detailed, although it will accurately help play several devices.

In any case, the Garena game has some graphics that, unlike the "Fortnite" component, are particularly distinct among other mobile genre competitors. Do not forget that everything is playing from a mobile phone, so this aspect is not as important as the big screens.

The main differences in playing


Free fire

Players with the game

100 players

50 players

Average duration of the game

20 minutes

10 minutes

Game modes

One, Duo, Squad

One, Duo, Squad

Special events






The main difference you will find between these two games is the duration of each match and the players. Free Fire tries to reduce the time it takes to make the game faster, therefore Has reduced the number of players in the game by half For Fortnite, starting with Epic Games titles 100, only 50 players per game.

This means that on average, although the "Fortnite" game can take about 20 minutes on average, the "Free Fire" average is on average about 10 and 15 minutes. It means that In the Garena game, you will have to wait less time when they kill you so that you can start again.

However, the initial start and the type of game are the same in both. Like most Battle Royale, in both games you move from the beginning of the air force and you have to decide which card area you want to land. In addition, depending on the time the map area will be played in both sections.

However, there is a significant difference that the strategy that needs to be followed is completely changing, and this is the type of construction. Epic Games continues to differentiate itself from others to be able to build all kinds of constructions which protects you with the materials you get from the game, which means that your chances of winning do not depend solely on the purpose you have, as in the rest of the Battle Royales, but also on your reflexes when you begin construction.

For the rest of the two games is a pure third-person shooter, and try to make your users not boring, offering time for new special events. Of course, the "Fortnite" activity always takes place on the same map that changes during the season In & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; activity can be divided into two different maps.

When it comes to game modes, in both titles you can play only games, pairs or groups. There are no big differences in this regard, although there are some other different modes, such as the "Free Fire" mortal race or "Fortnite" 20×20. In any case, and focusing on the main, both games you can play with your friends.

Arms, rows, payments, and characters

These two games are very similar weapons, which are grouped between sniper rifles, rifles, pistols and even large firearms. However, there are some differences to take into account. For example, Fortnite is a color system that defines the damage and effectiveness of the weapons collected, although they are not allowed to expand extras.

On the other hand, in the & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; you can use some of the accessories in many of your weapons that allow them to be improved in order to get more damage or your lifts have more power. In addition to Epic Games, you can carry up to five sets of spine, including weapons, while you can wear Garland. three weapons regardless of items that you are in your backpack.

Both games also have a ranking system and a career mode that keeps the progress of each player. The Fortnite queues and its progress are quite general and are related to the platform type, battle pass and other details, while its competitor today depends on factors such as each season of the game.

There is also a slightly different philosophy for the different characters offered by each game. En & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; Each staff has its own abilities, they can be loaded with different items, and you can personalize them with a number of clothes or equipment. Character selection may therefore be one of the strategies to be considered before each game begins.

On the other hand, the choice of Fortnite characters does not affect the games so much, because the skills are always the same, and the equipment you can get and change is purely cosmetic. Come, in this game, the choice of character does not give you the advantages or disadvantages, and so the strategy does not affect so much.

And finally, we are talking about micro payments, where both games perform a very similar strategy. Both are completely free games, although you can spend real money to customize your characters with different types of customization elements. In both cases, there are internal currencies that can be obtained in different ways, but if you do not have a lot of patience, you will eventually use real money.

This advantage is that payments leave only an aesthetic part, so the playing field does not differ depending on how you have your own cabotage, and when truth is important, it's your reflexes and strategy.

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