Saturday , March 6 2021

Correo del Caroní – Caribes came out of the pit through the Tigers

Puerto La Cruz. Caribes de Anzoátegui all went against the Tigres de Aragua series in the final challenge between the two teams of Estadio Alfonso "Chico" in Carrasquel, where they bid farewell to 2018-2019. The first season of the season and won the 5-2 board.

Rafael Ortega won two runs and drove to become a match. Also, Wilfredo Ledezma, who in four episodes scored four hits, shook the same number of attackers and gave three tickets, thus gaining the first victory in the form of a tribe.

"Thank you to God who allowed me to participate in the team today. I feel very well. We get good things, the main thing is to play a solid ball. Now is the time when there is karibas for some time," said Balita at the end of the game.

After three episodes in favor of pitching with both teams, Caribes was the first to discover the performance at the end of the quarter. The victory of Cesar Valerie allowed Ortegai to move from the front door to get the first local inhabitant. Then Willianos Astudillo tried to make the perfect match for the 2-0 lead.

In the next chapter, Ortega strongly backs to the left to deliver the third gum from Anzoategui. In the following turn, the big bearer will win his second day thanks to the simple Niuman Romero shovel.

Tigres responded to the sixth. Anthony Santander has a triple sound on the right to drag the first Bengals.

But at the bottom of this place, Caribes continued to increase their score and with Solo Homer from René Reyes, he got the fifth line from those at home.

Wilfredo Giménez brought him out of the park in the eighth place to bring the second and last tigers' hair line, which after this chapter could not find more opportunities to replace aboriginal pitching.

"It has given us a lot of work to achieve consistency. It was not easy, but the key will be to continue to work both physically and mentally, and we have come closer to the individual departments, and that is the fact that we have a positive week," said Omar Lopez, Caribes manager when the problem was over.

Games today

06:00 Cardinals Braves

06:00 PM Navegantes Tiburones TLT

07:00 Lions Eagles IVC

Here is a table


Braves 27 16 11 959 –

Cardinals 27 16 11.593 –

Lions 25 14 11 .560 1

Eagles 26 13 13 .500 2.5

Sharks 25 12 13 .480 3

Navigator 25 11 14.440 4

Caribbean 26 11 15 .423 4.5

Tiger 25 10 15 .400 5

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