Tuesday , February 7 2023

Cardinal hit for the first time Sports Leader


Two Carlos River's trailers and ten hits were the key to the victory of the Indians

RAFAEL SUBJECT | CARACAS.- Larry's cardinal scored 7-4 goals on Caribes de Anzoátegui, the first double card sub-card where Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez de Barquisimeto was placed, and the two races were planned at seven feet.

Carlos Rivero with a pair of trailers and ten test juices was the key to triumph of this twilight. It was Carlos Teller (0-2) who allowed three stripes with 1.1 sections.

One who stopped in this confrontation went to Williams Astudillo, who played 3-0, thirteen played in the chain, followed by at least one hit, the new club.

Not all was negative in humans, at least Luis Jiménez, who shot the season's second home, this time alone, and the fourth episode against starter Jorge Martínez (2-0) to reach 95 BCP.

In this way, he was only in fifth place among the players with the most home league, leaving behind Luis Raven and Oskar Salazar, who accumulated 94 in one head.

Bobare left his tournament in the 18th league, where he has 654 games, 613 hits and 379 trailers: _

"I have always said that brands are not my goal, but the club is returning as a champion and playing the Caribbean Series Barquisimeto," he recently said.

Another man from power, René Reyes, continues to fight against the physical ailments on his left foot. He has a medical observation every day. It is not yet determined if he will be on the 32nd list of the championship in the fifth week.

Ambioxis at the twentieth festival during the LVBP accumulates 946 hits for professionals, 468, 453 RBI and 70 Homer.

By the way, last Tuesday, he received four tickets that corresponded to the franchise record (Dereck Lee, 29-10-91, Víctor Martínez 12-14-05 and the same from 12/21/17).

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