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Burundang again appeared with attacks in the center of Caracas


November 7, 2018 at noon 01:15

Burundang again appeared on the streets of the capital as a murderous ally for robbery. Market participants and residents of the Baraldo avenue, especially at El Guanábano Bridge in Cathedral Parish, said they had noticed how some people use this substance to easily target potential victims who, because of this, lose their willingness to drugs and cooperate with their victims of the crime. committing

The offenders use an elderly person who is used as a jolly person to ask for help from passersby through the street, but two people knowingly cross the potential victim who does not know that he had just contacted the drug; By eliminating all traces of resistance, criminals follow closely to the place where they can commit a crime, and the whole victim's cooperation is informed about anonymous sources.

Burundan, the pharmaceutical name of which is Escopolamine, is a substance used to prevent disturbances caused by the body due to movement. Its absorption is carried out by intake in the consumption of food or beverages, as well as by inhalation of perfumes and cigarettes.

People who are exposed to this medicine have difficulty speaking, blurred vision and increased heart rate. Direct action on the central nervous system makes a person a chemical submission that leaves her completely inactive, is able to receive and execute orders without opposition – the property that criminals use to steal and deliver victims to activities that can harm you physically, morally or economically.

In 2013, a 31-year-old man walked to his buildings, Avenida Street 5, in the city of Candelaria in the city center, when the men walking around pulled out his hand. When he came to himself, he was naked in his apartment and lacked two phones, laptops and money. In January, Sixto Enrique Lisboa was found dead in the hotel room, spending the night with two unknown women who would have delivered a burgundy to steal wheat flour.

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