Saturday , June 10 2023

Bitcoin Cash faces an internal crash like access to the forks


The next drama associated with the next strong Bitcoin Cash (BCH) bifurcation was observed in a personal note with the most recognizable coin scores on November 8th. Craig Wright apparently called Roger, seeing his "enemy".

An important bifurcation, scheduled for November 15th, is likely to see BCH split into two competing chains: Bitcoin Cash ABC, edited by Ver and Bitcoin Cash SV, Wright's n Chain.

The breakdown is due to the fact that Ver and Wright, among other things with BCH data, disagree with the currency's future, and in recent weeks these disagreements have become more and more public and strong.

On Thursday, November 8, spirits were overcrowded, and Ver published what seemed to be a screenshot of the email that Wright sent him in a video about these "thoughts" at the fork.

In a possible email, Wright claims Ver "hates Bitcoin" and describes it as his "enemy" before ending with threatened plans.

"I'm Satoshi," he writes, reiterating his controversial requirement to become Bitcoin's creator. The letter goes on dramatically:

"Good life, now you will find me when you are angry."

Although Wright has not yet commented on the validity of e-mail, rhetoric continued from his Twitter account, from which some reports perceive the imagination of online commentators.

Summing up his hostility with Veru, analysts are known as Ray[Redacted] stressed Wright's other accusations that both Ver and Bitmain chief executive Jihan Wu, also supporting ABC, wanted to promote child pornography.

"This is the ONLY real use they have, and it does not happen!" Wright wrote on twitter on Thursday.

At the end of the issue of 9 November, continuing with anger, Wright adopted an interesting tone for his BCH faction, describing it as "unbearable" with alternative proposals.

"ABC takes care of many currencies and experiments, and we (SV) care only about the original Bitcoin version," he added:

"We're not tolerant, we're not going to capitalize, we're not going to give up, we're not going to agree, we're not ending up."

In the last 24 hours, the BCH / USD has grown more than any of the top ten altcoins, losing 4.8 percent, selling around 570 dollars.

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