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Banesco allowed managing a digital bank from abroad

November 28, 2018 at 19:11

On Wednesday, Banesco announced that the activities of bank accounts on the digital platform could be provided to individuals from abroad.

"From November 28, Banesco Banco Universal Customers (individuals) will be able to run BanescOnline's" Notice on the Activities of Foreign Electronic Banks ", which is a mandatory requirement for the transfer of credit card and payment to third parties, Banesco and third parties – other banks outside Venezuela" Banesco announced on a notice posted on its website.

The banking unit stressed that the operation should be announced on the electronic platform and does not require the sending of documents at any agency. This action should be taken if the customer plans to leave the country for a long time or indefinitely.

"In a travel notification accessed by BanescOnline in the management or monitoring of requirements, the customer must indicate the place and time spent by him outside the country, according to Circular No. SIB-DSB-14539, issued by the banking supervisory authority on 27 August 2018 ( Sudeban), "said the statement.

The users of these banks reported that Internet access in their bank accounts was blocked abroad, preventing them from managing their movements in the bank.

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