Friday , January 28 2022

Attack on ETC, Fraudulent Ethereum Forks, Risk Dash and More CryptoNews


Last week, news was dominated by 51% of the attacks that occurred at Ethereum Classic, which shows stability at the time of writing notes. After a short stability the cryptocurrency market is falling again. Venezuela for some time had a higher bitcoin price than the world average.

Other weekly posts include:

  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) suffers from block rebuilding on Monday, a malicious mine set. The ETC team asked for an exchange house increase your transaction approvals to 400. Coinbase froze the cryptoactive operation and reported that the attacker moved about 200 thousand dollars in ETC. After the attack, it was found that the malicious pool was able to control 58% of the network capacity and that the total theft was 219 thousand ETC. This weekend, the attacker seems to have returned $ 100,000 to ETC on
  • The extraction statistics on the Dash Network on January 10 showed that an unknown user concentrates 65% of the production capacity in the last 100 blocks and 51.5% in the last 1000. This shows that the cryptographic network is subject to a 51% attack.


  • Many Ethereum bifurcations that created cryptocurrencies Ethereum Classic Vision and Ethereum Nowa were subject to fraudulent schemes. Your official purses are purported "Zagt" private keys for users, according to the Start Guard Report.
  • In Venezuela, the Executive Director issued an order imposing an obligation people who undergo surgery with cryptocurrenciesto calculate and pay taxes with the appropriate cryptoactive. According to Localbitcoin offers in this country, the price of bitcoin last week was 10% more expensive than the average world price.
  • The piece by the city artist PBOY, referring to the "yellow vest" protests in Paris, hides the award for 0.28 bitcoin, according to the author. It is a wall located in Paris, France, inspired by the classic Eugene Delacroix, "Human Freedom". This Sunday, January 13, the author discovered it The puzzle was solved and a solution will soon be published.

This week, the Constantinople Ethereum Bifurcation announces no chain breakdown, as the Ethereum community has no conflict with this new client version. In addition, the launch of the second cryptography will be based on the privacy protocol MimbleWimble, Grin.

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