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An unpublished decision condemns Venezuela to compensate Lindu Loizu


November 18, 2018 at 01:50

IACHR found the Venezuelan state responsible for neglect and abuse in the case of Linda Loaiza López Soto, who was kidnapped, tortured, degenerated and raped in 2001 for almost four months.

Liliana Ortega, Director of the Vicente Liaison Committee, confirmed that this "is a historic sentence about Venezuela", as this is the first case where the gender-based violence demanded by the state has been recognized and convicted by the IACHR. It is also the first time that the American human rights system has sanctioned private individuals for the crime of torture, in this case, Luiz Carrera Almoina, who was held captive in her place of residence.

"This decision is a breakthrough and progress in the titanic justice task that began in 2007," said Linda Loaiza. He said that he had received a great deal of personal satisfaction for the fight that had taken place for several years and emphasized that the matter would continue unpunished, as the author of the crimes of sexual violence and torture has not been punished by national authorities.

He pointed out that he expected full compliance with the sentence within a given period, as well as the application of compensatory measures, such as continued criminal proceedings, persons in charge of sanctions, Loaiza and family medical care, study grants, inter alia, data collection and censorship system for violence against women.

Law violations of torture and sexual abuse suffered violations of several provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights, the United States United States Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Torture and the United States Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Elimination of Violence against Women has been clarified by the court.

The judges pointed out that the uncertainty surrounding the investigations, the lack of due diligence in situations of gender-based violence and the high degree of negligence resulted in the responsibility of the State of Venezuela, which led to sexual slavery and torture. The inadequate and negligent reaction of officials, who learned about the situation, wisely chose to apply the measures, but their actions also triggered a warning at the aggressor, points out the IACHR.

Loaiza Lopez was kidnapped by Carrera Almoina on March 27, 2001. Since then she was defeated, raped and subject to persecution until she asked for help and the fire brigade and the police rescued them. He spent the year at the hospital, where he had 15 operations. His attacker was arrested and released in 2004, so the case was handed over to international courts to claim justice.

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