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A fake millionaire who pulled out $ 100

False heir fall: from luxury life in New York to prison


She was a young heir of great happiness in Germany, lived in luxury hotels and often visited the most exclusive parties in New York. Anna Delvey's life was a dream for many. Until it was discovered that everything was lies and now faced with years of prison.

Anna's name was almost the only real event in this 28-year-old film life. His name was not, Sorokin, really; neither his country of origin nor Germany; much less his apparent happiness.

Nevertheless, for years she has won the New York Elite Friendship, where in 2014 she got out with confidence and equipped with a weapon that is almost always irresistible in the big apple: tips – $ 100.

The tickets flew for everyone, drivers, hotel staff, waiters … The young woman rubbed her shoulders with artists, celebrities and millionaires, visited exclusive restaurants and wore the best designer clothes.

The big Anna Delve project was to open an impressive private club in Manhattan, investing more than $ 40 million, to create Gabriel Calatrava, a well-known Spanish architect, who met in October 2015 and came to October 2015. to testify against a young woman.

Finally, the project was nothing. Anna was looking for funding in banks and investment funds, and although she managed to cheat the unit to give her a $ 100,000 credit, she didn't get the millions of dollars she was looking for.

The expected family happiness never appeared, because it didn't exist. According to several media reports, his father is a former Russian truck driver who emigrated to Germany with his family and has a small heating and air conditioning company.

For years she has been economically helping a young woman who spent some time in Paris as a guy in a French fashion and art magazine before arriving in New York.

However, the charm and the aura of melons worked for a long time, and Sorok slipped his big expense and kept an impossible life, always with promises of a referral coming from Europe.

The card house began to separate at the beginning of 2017 when he moved to a five-star hotel in New York City, where he settled at $ 400 a night and had a debt of about $ 30,000.

The company she was able to pay somehow ended up with her, but Sorokin did not give up and moved to a new luxury hotel and then another.

Finally, in June 2017, she was arrested after having left a $ 11.518 bill in one of them and tried to leave without paying a restaurant bill.

The debts she left did not only concern companies, but also people, such as a New York photographer who, with her friends and other people, invited her to a luxury trip to Morocco.

Sorokin had offered to pay for all the expenses, but at the time of the truth his credit cards didn't work, and he persuaded his friend to make him promising that he would pay the expenses quickly.

The bill he never paid, including airline tickets, hotel, shopping and catering services, reached $ 62,000, a woman earned over a year.

Shortly after its publication in May 2018, the New York magazine unveiled the entire story of Sorokin in a long chronicle, which contained many testimonies from people who had interacted with him over the years.

This week, after a month's trial, Sorokin was finally convicted of several charges, accused of stealing more than $ 200,000 and attempting to save several million with various fraud.

"As has been shown in court, Anna Sorokin longed for travesty long crimes of white collar," a district lawyer Cyrus Vance said on Thursday.

Criminal offenses, including second-degree theft, may be in jail for up to 15 years. May 9, Sorokin knows his sentence.


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