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4 applications to create animations – eju.tv

For animation lovers today, we offer you a special post with relevant information to create high quality animated content.

Some time ago animations were printed on paper and painted by hand, thanks to technology, none of them is necessary, they can only achieve animation with a mobile device. Not only is the Google Image Search Engine moving forward, animations do not match.



It's the most complete application for the iPhone and iPad, with a very simple set of tools, but it's perfect. With this program, you can drag with your finger and color. One of its benefits is that you can create multiple types of migration with one template to view the finished scheme.

Flip clip


It is possible to create and create an animation today. FlipAClip has a variety of templates and tool options, including text, geometric figures and paintings.

The app itself can share content on different social networks and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Stick Nodes


Like the previous Stick Nodes application, it is available for Android and iOS devices. The creation of the original animation is not so complicated, it starts from a simple silhouette, and with this alternative it is easier and more pleasant to give them a movement. It should be noted that in addition to the moves can be digital zoom, give them colors with a gradient and add sound effects.

They can save animations in MP4 and gif.



If you need a video presentation and you decide to make it animated, this is an appropriate alternative. With the footage you can achieve the appropriate optical illusion with the various templates found in the application, you can add text, emoji and sounds.

Interestingly, they can share the animation with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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