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Why the Avengers 4 trailer could be released very soon

The Fraudsters 4 is already one of the most anticipated 2019 films, promising to solve not only the Infinity War exposed rock, but also the entire Marvel film of the last decade. The company has not even seen a trailer, but there is reason to believe that it may soon change.

Morning evening, on November 28, ArcLight Hollywood will host a special film-based movie, followed by supporters and former Russian directors. The original Infinity War opponent took place on November 29th. Marvel publishes the Prelude comic on December 5, before which we expect the Maiden 4 to be revealed. For example, we already know that Avenger 4 will come this year.

Placing all the pieces together, it seems likely that ArcLight's tomorrow's event will premiere a trailer for a small audience of visitors. Then a full trailer could fall on the Internet later in the evening or the next day – the anniversary of the last trailer. And that would open the way for the name that comes to the comic in a timely manner.

Title 4 Avenger has been saved to rob, though Russos has fallen into mysterious hints. So far, most likely, it seems to be in the Forest: End Game, a reference to the line (and the main plot) from Doctor Strange Infinity War.

We expect Avenger 4 to close the work of Marvel Kino Universes Thanos. The original "Avengers" sang for the first time in a creative sequence, Thanos did not directly interact with MCU heroes up to Infinity War. His complete Infinity Guntlet plan was discovered in this film: gaining strength to extort all life in the galaxy with pure desire and finger snap. The resulting events were killed from many well-established characters in the MCU, leaving the rocks that end with the Minds 4.

However, before it comes, we will receive an increase in strength. In the sequel to Infinity War, Nick Fury calls in one last contingency plan: Captain Marvel. This means she will be a trump card and on March 8, 2019, we will see exactly why – and where she always was – in her own independent films. May 3 will be Avenger 4.

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