Monday , October 18 2021

Why penguins are properly extruded for Bjugstad / McCann trade


It wasn't really hard to say Nick Bjugstad and Jared McCann were ecstatic about their arrival in Pittsburgh.

First and foremost, it means they want to at all.

I guess they were just killed by the Allegheny County police in winter Parkway West. Then, 34 minutes before getting to the PPG Paints Arena, the loading dock fell. Then met the locker to Dana Heinze is staff of all four people with an assortment of slippers, sweaters and pads arranged by telephone to speed up the suit. The bottle was then transferred to 5 hours of energy, leaving the tunnel on ice, each consuming half and half on the way. Then went to the home team step, finally seeing the crowd who stood behind the already sitting back Matt Murray – and I saw it in opera harmony – just in time Jeff Jimerson opening syllable from O Canada.

It happened at.

Ripis fell 7: 8.

They were in the morning at Panthers, Penguin – at night and Vin Diesel support cast all afternoon.

"It was quite surreal," Bjugstad would later share his smile as much as his eyes. "I have dreamed every time I wish to play.

"It was pretty crazy," McCann agreed, just moments after he calmed down: "I've never seen many cameras in my life."

Yes, they are happy to be here. I heard from them, from Jim Rutherford, no Mike Sullivan, from other employees of the organization. And not necessarily it usually hears similar things.

But honestly, this is nothing that was most striking about this scene.

Rather, it was how happy the winners were.

Not just possible 5-3 winners over senators this night, but serious surprise winners seismic trade sent Derick Brassard, Riley Sheahan and three picks for the 2019 NHL project for Florida Bjugstad and McCann.

Oh, Rutherford was a lot when he and I met this game, choosing to focus on the players' enthusiasm for trading.

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