Tuesday , March 9 2021

What space camp is the same as you grew up

"The Orion has to be launched in 2023," says Lowell Zoller, one of the last remaining engineers who worked with the tricky smile with the Apollo program. "Well, if this happens, it will be at December 11, 2023, at 11.59. It's just not ready."

These days, Zoller offers tours of his and America's fading space in the past to the Space & Rocket Center. In the enormous Saturn V month, a trial version of the missile that Von Braun was planning to bring to Mars, NASA is no longer an ingredient to create it, even if it's wanted, it's the most touching thing.

Zoller, 82, is a picture of both the grandfathers' mind and the barely disguised dissatisfaction. When asked about the Space Force, Donald Trumpe's unfounded fantasy proposal for the fourth military force, Zoller's mouthpiece, and his eyes flattened down. "Is this the answer to your question?"

I can not help, but I believe that here at Space Camp – a three-day course to promote the next National Geographic Festival for the second season, Mars – We play in Space Force. For the challenge that we divide into teams to create a heat shield that protects the egg from the fiery torches (and more importantly from NASA's point of view, doing so as much as possible within the budget), my team ironically accepts the name Space Force The camp advisor pleases that they ironically do the same thing as the next program.

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