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Weight Loss: Why craft beer is one of the worst forms of alcohol to drink in your diet

Weight loss diet plans need careful thought and it is important to avoid food and drinks that could reduce your progress. Alcohol is a difficult area for many diet creators, and often people are unaware of how many calories they have. One type of alcoholic beverage should be one who wants to avoid weight. Nutritionist Georgie Fear, author of Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss, recommends avoiding high alcohol craft beer.

"Over the last five years, there have been extensive craft breweries that create high-alcohol varieties that fill more calories than you understand," Fear said at GQ.

Alcoholic beverages with high alcohol content could consume as much calories in one beer circulation as the whole meal would be.

For example, Flying Dog Horn Dog has 10.2% alcohol and 314 calories per bottle.

120 minutes IPA is 18% alcohol with 450 calories in each bottle.

Fortunately, not everyone is bad news for those who enjoy beer but do not want to have calories.

Many brand brands have been recognized as healthy, such as the Lagunitas Brewing Company, which has recently launched an IPT session.

Beer is the reproduction of Lagunita's classic 4.65% daily gas fractionated IPA.

At 4 percent ABV, Daytime is perfect for those who are accustomed to drinking light beer but want to engage in the craft world.

Genna Burchell, UK's Lagunita marketing manager, told “In today's fast-paced and out-of-the-box controls, sometimes you just want to take a moment for yourself and maybe even enjoy beer before returning to mania.

“DayTime was created with only 4% alcohol and calories in mind.

"Light in those things that weigh you, but crisp and in front of hops, this is the beer that was built for the day."

Nowadays, there are many light beer in the market. Beck's Premier Light is one of the lowest calorie amounts with just 64 calories.

Michelob Ultra is the original low-hydrocarbon beer – it's 4.2% and 95 calories.

Amstel Light has only 95 calories and a low alcohol content of 3.5%.

Other wonders to look out for include Heineken Light, Sam Adams Light Lager, Coors Light and Corona Light.

Those who are on a diet should avoid frozen alcoholic beverages because they are full of sugar.

"Are you not a frozen drink when you see your weight," Keri Ghana, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet, told Women's Health. survey found that two-thirds of Britons have no idea how many calories are in alcoholic beverages.

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