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Watch NASA arrive at an asteroid for a possible crash course with Earth


NASA / Goddard / Arizona University

After when happy triumph and terror Last week, tilting InSight on Mars, you might think that NASA has earned a break.

But no – there is lot of out of place there and somebody must be done more history exploring it.

Just like InSight landingNASA will provide the first asteroid sample return mission to 101955 Benn live as it is 2018, and we all need to see successful handcuffs in place of a successful mission by NASA scientists.

NASA's Origin, Spectrum Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) will contact Benn, right at midday. 12.00 EST, December 3, and NASA recommends moving straight to your place of residence to keep up. If you want social media to watch your space, you also have Facebook, just like YouTube.

The exciting trip of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid began in September 2016, and after three years it is finally close enough to mark the space arm. The spacecraft is equipped with five instruments and surveys asteroids in the coming year, before the website chooses to get a sample. OSIRIS-REx will not touch the asteroid, for example Japanese Hayabusa 2 took place earlier this year, instead, he chose to bend the blast-type instrument on the surface to remove dust from the ship's robots in his hand. Gnarly

On December 3, OSIRIS-REx will start operating around an asteroid across the northern pole, south pole and equator from only 4.8 miles away. This will allow the spacecraft to determine its mass, how fast it is worth, and to create an asteroid model.

However, the $ 800 million mission will not be completed by 2023, when OSIRIS-REx is expected to return to Earth with Bennus dust on board. Taking Benn's rocky skin layer, astronomers can potentially detect how life on Earth began, the types of connections that Benn had, and the formation of our own solar system.

There is also the fact that Bennu (a very tiny source) opportunity to encounter the Earth sometimes after 2175 – so it would be a pleasure to prepare for that thanks.

If OSIRIS-REx achieves its goals, it will lead to another huge celebration of celebrations, but at this moment, we all might have retinal implants that allow us to be at NASA, an expanded reality so that we can digitally play the dance with our favorite astronomers as if we were really there.

Go right, space robot.

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