Tuesday , August 20 2019
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Trump retweets meme calling for imprisonment of his deputy AG

On Wednesday evening, President Donald Trump repeatedly visited the media, calling for the imprisonment of a number of prominent officials of Democrats and law enforcement agencies and intelligence.

Following a text saying: "WHAT IS THE CHILDREN OF KRUSSIAN WAS REQUESTED TO TAKE STUDY ON THE START?", Meme is portrayed by special adviser Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Deputy Prosecutor General Rod Rosenstein, Hillary Clinton, former prosecutor Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton Assistant Huma Abedin, Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, Former President Bill Clinton, Former FBI leader James Komey and Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.


In particular, Rosenthal continues to serve as a short-handed lawyer. Trump, it seems, is okay with the thought that he is in any case blocked.

Several officials who were admitted to Meme last month sent bombs to Trump fan Cesar Sayoc. Sayoc van was emblazoned with several good sperm whites, which are not different from one Trump re-sent.

Before he repeatedly found the media and several others surprisingly inaccurate Tweets from The Trump Train Twitter account, the president posted a tweet without blaming, accusing the special lawyer Mueller of "abusing witnesses to lie about facts" in exchange for "relief."

The brief anger against Mueller seems to have intensified after a special lawyer's statement on Monday that Paul Manafort, former chairman of the Trump Campaign, had violated his co-operation agreement with a special adviser by lying to investigators.

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