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Top-10 Free Agent Linebackers In 2019 NFL Analysis

Top-10 Free Agent Linebackers in 2019

Ben Cooper & bullet;

January 30, 2019

September 16, 2018; Tampa, FL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks (58) celebrates when he brings Mike Evans (13) from Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second half of the second half of Raymond James Stadium. Compulsory credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

2019 linebacker free agent class contains some genuine studs at the top with some strong talents down. Each team wants a credible leader during the defense, and taking into account some guys who have only seen limited action in their careers could be a valuable step in the future. These teams will have to choose between linebackers who are all illuminated or otherwise.

Here's said that here's our top-10 linebackers in the free agency:

1. Jordan Hicks

After many of the Achilles injuries in the 2017 season, Hicks took a big – and maybe unexpected – step in several aspects in 2018. degree of protection (10), but only five cases are missing. As a result, Hicks took second place in his career north of 80.0 and his upward trajectory makes him a seductive opportunity in a free agency.

2. C. Mosley

When Baltimore Ravenne compiled Mosley, they thought he would come as a replacement for Ray Lewis. Although Mosley's first four seasons are not as good as the Lewis 80.0 plus plus, he still became a consistent Ravens persecuted defense leader. He has posted top-35 percent in each of his four years, including the best career career of 10.6 percent in 2018. per reception (9.3) and yard after catch (190). If he doesn't get a big deal in Baltimore, another team will definitely be ready to pull it out.

3. Anthony Barr

Along with the terrible reflection on the Los Angeles frames, where he allowed three touches of coverage, Barr proved that he could make an impact from anywhere in the field in 2018. He ran all linebackers with 13.8 driving productivity percentages, accumulating 23 pressure just 94 flow snaps. Everyone in the Barr Land will also get someone who can cover the field relatively well. The three touches he gave to Ramad were the only ones he had given all year round, and he had the best career level of 73.3 (20).

4. K.J. Wright

Wright can be the most interesting player on this list, simply because he hasn't experienced a bad season with Seattle Seahawks for eight years. If there is no season below 65.0, Wright's consistency will be as good as possible. Wright has never had more than three penalties in one season and has only had two digits. Despite the lack of a large 2018 trauma, the project in the fourth round of 2011 should easily find housing in the midst of personal protection in 2019.

5. Kwon Alexander

The former LSU product is only 24 positions in a free agency, so it is worth looking at despite the limited production. Alexander missed the time in 2018 because of trauma, so what he can give to the team will be judged by pre-production. In his past, there are many positive passes, including 11 combined passes in 2015 and 2016, three interception cases and the 2017 off-line and two-digit pressure in his first three years in the league. He clearly has the means to succeed at the NFL level, it's just a question of combining them all to create one stable season.

6. Mychal Kendricks

Kendricks was once the top five-line player in the NFL, but the sharp decline in the overall grade, followed by steady growth, gives the second-round player a significant upturn. His player style got him five passes (t-5), 40 stops (t-28) and 82.0 points (9th) in 2017. Kendricks is the last full football season, but in 2018, non-EU issues can prevent a team from imposing him in the near future.

7. Denzel Perryman

Lucky for Perryman, his career with Los Angeles chargers is reserved for two star years – one is a promising rookie campaign and the second strong in the 2018 season. Perryman has only once surpassed the 400 snaps of the season, but he is upside down on a team that needs a linebacker position. This year he allowed the 12th best catch level (70.8%) between linebackers and 22 stops only 386 snaps.

8. Deone Bucannon

With five seasons, Bucannon has not yet found its foundation. His last four seasons have fallen and his overall rating has followed. Despite the fact that in 2018 an untreated 14.5 meter area per catch was allowed, there were some bright spots. He did not answer just four solutions during the regular season, while also sending seven quarters of pressure to just 29 outgoing snaps. It was said that Bucannon is probably a deep player for anyone who detains him in a free agency.

9. Jake Ryan

Ryan did not reply to 2018, so his value in the market is based on only three production years – and he showed improvements in each. In 2017, on his way to earning a strong 75.7 (15th) score, Ryan had the fourth best (85.6), the 25th (68.9) and the 30th Best Race (72.9). This comprehensive capability and upturn makes him a low-risk variant for a team that needs help.

10. Preston Brown

The rounding is Brown, who joined Bengal one year before the 2018 season. Unfortunately, Brown, after playing 1000-plus snaps in four seasons with Buffalo bills, finally hit the wound when he didn't answer nine games. In the worst season, the worst time of 55.8 in terms of career means that he will have to prove he still deserves a meaningful playing time in 2019.

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