Cody Coffman's father gave an emotional interview after he had learned his son, was one of the 11 victims in the Thousand Oaks shooting in California.

Telemachus Orfanos saw too much horror.

First, he survived last year's massacre at the Las Vegas Rural Music Festival, which killed 58 people. He also had a Borderline Bar and Grill on Wednesday night when a knight dressed in black killed 12 people.

One of them was Orfanoss. He was 27 years old.

"My son in Las Vegas was with many of his friends and he returned home. He came home last night," says his mother, Sjuzana Smita Orfana. local TV messenger. "I do not want to ask. I do not want to think. I wanted to control arms."

The Thousand Oaks High School, which spent 2½ years in 2009 for the US Navy, Orfanos was on the Borderline Bar and Grill to meet with friends at dinner, his father Mark told US TODAY Network to a star of the Ventura area.

"It is ironic that after surviving in the worst mass shootings in modern history, he continued to be killed in his hometown," he said.

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The authorities still did not name all the victims at the attack in Bar Thousand Oaks, California, about 40 miles west of Los Angeles. Police said a gunman identified as Ian David Longs opened a fire at a western dance bar with a glow of 21.45 caliber, killing at least 11 victims. checking

Sergeant Ron Helusss later died of his injuries following the shooter's contact. A dead company was also found for a long time.

Bar hosted event college students and was full of 19 to 25 year olds, said Sheriff Geoff Dye. It was the deadliest mass shooting since in February at the school in Parkland, Florida, 17 students and teachers were killed.

"He never quits people"

Daniel Manrique, 33, was a veteran of the Marine Corps, who in 2014 launched the Red, White and Blue Ventura County team to help his veterans move from military to civilian life, says friend Sarah Bergeron.

"I never met any of my entire life, which was so pointless and committed to helping the veterans succeed and just flourish. He never left people. He never stopped back even if someone tried to remove it." Said Bergeron serving the sea and met with Manrique when she was president of the California Lutheran University Veterans Club.

Bergeron suspects her friend was struggling with PTSD himself, although he never saw him. So when she first learned that the Borderline knight had been at the Marine Games and could have suffered from PTSD, she immediately thought, "Wow, I want this person to meet with Dan."

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Then a friend told her terrible news: Manrique died at the Borderline, the victim of the knight.

"The shooter killed someone who could be his lifestyle, who could help him with his PTSS, who could have understood more than anyone he goes through," she said.

In fact, what Manrique did tonight to Borderline, Bergeron said: "He was there to support and work with other veterans."

And this is what she most likely to remember about her, she will continue to focus on the future and how she also helped her veterans.

"Many people, when separated from the military, have hardly moved from their past. He certainly honored his military service, but he focused on his current service to his current community," she said. "Instead of getting into the dark, he became a light to others to follow."

Manrique was not the only friend whom Bergeron lost to the border. She was also a friend of Justin Meek, another victim.

"Every story I've heard from each person this night inspires my heart," she said. "They were heroes. They were heroes before the Borderline, and they are still. They lived up to who they are until the end."

"One of the lover's guys"

Meek, 23 years old, never moved to idle time. After Coronado High School, he was the Eagle Scout, the president of the Octagon Club and the captain of the JV Water Polo team, according to his LinkedIn page.

Asked at the University of California Lutheran, Ms. studied the criminal justice system and maintained her water polo skills while at the same time taking part in the choir and president of the Italia club. He was in real free time, he was a rescuer of the coronado.

Mex worked on Wednesday night as a security guard at the Borderline Bar and Grill when shooting began. He died in an attempt to save others, according to the Californian Lutheran and several social media reports.

Leeds was "a big, huge man, a big beast, a big tall man. He was guarded, but he was also a pussycat, one of the most useful guys in the world," said Tonight Tony Duran. Duran is the owner of Goode Time Productions, who supplies caroleros, such as Meek to Disneyland and other Disney locations.

A classically trained singer with a deep, rich voice, Meek quickly memorized all 100 songs in the repertoire and dreamed of singing with his girlfriend Disneyland Club 33.

Two spoke about marriage and their future as singers, Duran said.

"It was his dream to sing in Disneyland, at club 33, and it would never happen. It was her dream to sing with Club 33, and it would never happen – all this was such that, given the stupidity of choice that the killer had made this so many robbers listening to the beautiful voice of Justin Mack. That's useless.

"He loved so many people," Duran said. "He was the only lovely guy you met ever since. He was the guy you really wanted to be as a friend, because he brought it."

Men used his body to protect the patrons, Duran said. "He died with a hero. It will be difficult for him not to be with us."

"Our hearts are broken"

Early in the morning, darkness, friends and family open the stage, desperately looking for their loved ones. They repeatedly called on cell phones, scanned social media portals, or called for answers to law enforcement.

Alain Housley, a freshman at Pepperdine University, went to the Borderline to go with friends. Speaking about the propaganda, her aunt, The Real's hostess and Tester Mowry-Housley's sister star, scattered social media, desperately looking for their niece. Mowry-Housley's husband, Adam Husley, prayed to nearly 100,000 followers of Twitter for prayers, because they expressed hope that she was fine.

Late Thursday morning, however, the couple found out Alain Housley did not succeed him out of the bar alive.

"Our hearts are broken," they said in a statement. "Alain was an incredibly young woman with so much life in front of her and we were ruined that her life was thus interrupted."

In Vintage High School, Hussey was an honored student who played for the university football team and served in the student government four years before the end of June.


The Ventura District has created a Family Relief and Merger Center where victims of the shooting and their families can seek help after mass shootings at the Borderline Bar and Grill on Wednesday night. (8 November)

Vintage lead Sarah O'Connor remembered her as "the natural leader and connector" loved by her peers and school staff. The school offers counseling support for students and staff.

"One of my favorite moments was when Alain, who played the violin in our orchestra, all the violinists were wonderful born of her mother for one year. Her mother is an employee here," Connor told the US HIT. "She did something special for her mom and she used her musical talent.

"She was nice and kind, good for a basic person with great values," said O & # 39; Connors.

Marcia Battat, a Housley piano teacher from 5 to 12 years old, said she was thrilled when Husley said she was going to college.

She reminded me how the young girl will appear on the face with a smile, and we'll draw a Battat drawing or poem. Hotsley was musically gifted and had a soft spot to play Broadway music songs, Battat said.

"She was very creative and artistic … She used to say she loved the piano and she loved me. I had a wonderful experience to teach her," she said.

On Thursday, Battat asked Huslie not to be among the victims. "All the memories that I have from her continue to keep in mind. It's heartfelt, I'm still shocked," she said.

"I can not believe it happened in my family"

Jason Coffman also rushed to the stage on Thursday, hoping to find her first son, Cody.

"I can not believe that this happened in my family," 41-year-old Jason Kofmann told reporters shortly after learning that Cody had not survived the massacre of massacre. "I am dumb and sin is painful … My life has now changed forever."

He said he was passing fishing trips with Cody. He will miss his association with the baseball diamond and how his youngest sons, aged 8 to 9, watched Cody, who was 22. Cody was to become an older brother again: Jason Coffman and his wife are also waiting for a baby.

Coaxed and exhausted, Coffman bent over to his father, identified as Mike, standing beside him. He said he was afraid that Cody ran on a fire, not from it. "Cody is a tough child," Jason Coffman said in Headline News. "He is one of the children who runs against the intimidating to get up to others. I think that maybe that's what he did."

Good with children, Cody was the Camarillo Pony Baseball Head Judge and was planning to join the US Army, said Coffein.

"There are so many people he touched," he said, "which will now become as painful as I am."

"We are in shock"

Noel Sparks, a 21-year-old college student, loved to go to the Borderline Bar and Grill, so friends and family were not surprised when they recorded their photo on Wednesday.

Sparks was regular at Borderline where she accompanied Halloween and celebrated her 21st birthday in August. She often went with her friends and her mother.

His art specialty is located next to Moorpark College.

Sparks worked part time at the Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village. She helped with child programs, a journalist at the Associated Press said in a rev. Shawn Thornton.

"She loved children. Today, many parents appeared, saying," She made my baby important and important to you, "said Thornton.

Her aunt Patricia Sparks of Morristown, Tennessee, said the police informed her father on Thursday that she had died in shooting.

"We're in shock," explained Patricia Sparks Associated Press.

She described her niece as "the good girl around. She was such a girl that if you had friends you would want them married."

Benefits: USA TODAY & # 39; s Erin Jensen, Chrissie Thompson; Anne Ryman, Republic of Arizona; Megan Diskin, star of the Ventura area; Associated Press.

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