Sunday , October 2 2022

The Sketchy report claims that iPhone XR sales are smaller than expected – BGR


Considering that the store shelves started a little more than a week ago, the Apple iPhone XR got very positive feedback. Sporting a near-to-the-side display at a price well below Apple's iPhone XS models, many analysts have predicted that the iPhone XR will be an unavoidable hit during this holiday season.

The idea of ​​hitting a little cold water is a new message from Nikkei which claims that Apple reduces iPhone XR production because it is smaller than expected. The report specifically points out that Apple recently told Foxconn and Pegatron's manufacturing partners not to include additional production lines as originally planned.

One source who claims to be familiar with the production of iPhone XR announced the announcement that Foxconn originally prepared the iPhone XR 60 assembly line but only uses about 45. Nikkei's source claims that the total iPhone XR output can range from 20% to 25 % less than initial estimates.

Usually you might want to pick up Nikkei & # 39; s report on salt cereals, especially given the recent investment note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, detailing how iPhone XR sales can reach even 38 million units in the quarter. It is also worth noting that Jim Cramer on CNBC Earlier today, said Nikkei's report is fictitious and "totally absurd".

Now, usually, we just have to wait until January when Apple publishes its earnings report to get an overview of iPhone sales and Nikkei & # 39; s message But Apple last week, if you remember, announced that it no longer discovers iPhone sales as part of its quarterly reviews.

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