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The next Pokémon can be in the UK, and Scotland's Twitter is exciting

New prospects Pokemon The game, which is probably in the UK, has entertained some fans and I laugh with them.

To understand these jokes, you will first need to explain Scotland Twitter. Regional Twitters are regional dialects. The Twitter user community in Pittsburgh can say "yinz" instead of "y", and instead of LOL, Twitter users from France could record MDR –mort de rireor "dead from laughs".

Scottish Twitter users usually write their tweets phonetically, just as they are in Irvine Welsh. It makes fun like:

Picture: Nintendo

Where Pokemon Come in? Well, recently announced The sword and Shield The Galar region, which seems to be based on the UK. Some people have pointed out that the Galar map looks like the United Kingdom is reversed. It seems that at the top of the snow region you can represent Scotland in Galar.

None of them has been approved, but has players who imagine the region. When Black and White came out, I was so excited to see Pokemon The New York version and spent a lot of time thinking about which city was that city. Although the game was not always a trade with New York's stereotypes, which I expected, it was still possible to see the city where I now live from another point of view. Great Britain and Scotland Pokemon Players are now thinking of how their countries will look with Pokemon and treat their cultural stereotypes to squeeze out.

For example, use this Twitter as a reef from Scotland Twitter:

Or, this Twitter, which provides useless characters from the trailer for some cheek dialogs:

If just reading Twitter does not do it for you, here's a loud reading of Scotland's accent.

Why is this shit so hysterical? There is something about the niche that, even if I don't get the context completely, I just tickle me. The idea of ​​the Game Freak Nail in the UK culture so completely that they were based on him Pokemarts I just laugh at Gregg.

Some players have even imagined what a queen might be like.

It is unlikely that The sword and Shield it will be similar and we are still not sure whether Galar is based on the UK. I'll be happy no matter how new it is Pokemon and I am starving for it. However, I hope that when I fight someone, they say, "You wot, helper?"

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