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The KEF M500 headset is $ 90

KEF M500 Headset – White

kef "data-caption =" kef "data-credit =" engadget data-credit-link-back = "" data-dam-supplier = "Engadget" data-local-id = "local-1-6444921-1548965183451" data-media-id = "e17dc1f8-19c0-499b-9c6a-01ebc7a80fa0" data-original-url = " 11e9-babb-6d58fd8e3a57 "data-title =" kef "src =" 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded images% 2F2019-01% 2F88d484c0-2593-11e9-babb-6d58fd8e3a57 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 09716bb3607a9942ae84bc49cdaed5b929a8ae9a "/></p><p><strong><i>Street price: $ 150; transaction price: $ 60 w / code EMCTUVE65 </i></strong></p><p>Down to US $ 60 from the usual $ 100, it's a big drop for these wired Hi-Fi headphones – as long as you want. At $ 60 with code <b>EMCTUVE65</b>, this is the best price we've seen for them in any position. While the white / silver finish is lower than the street price than the black / silver color, it is still a great opportunity to increase the sound quality you get for the money.</p><p>The KEF M500 is the best earphone in our guide. Lauren Dragan wrote: "The KEF M500 was the total sample of our panels for its favorite sound model, because it was very beautiful, slightly mid / bass and clear, detailed in height. Our tests had more depth, detail and clarity than competitions – the M500 sounds amazing with all kinds of music, from classic pieces to up to 40 hits, and it also has a stylish and durable metal case that is designed to be durable, and a comfortable headset that can be worn for hours – the downside is that KEF M500 is pretty expensive next to most of the other tested pairs, but it is also one of the few headphone models that keeps their own at a similar price over the ear headset, which helps to justify the premium.</p><h3>Handheld TV Wireless Speakers</h3><p><img alt=

Street price: $ 200; transaction price: $ 150

Usually $ 200, these speakers, which are only recommended for Handheld TV owners, are available at a discount of $ 150 until February 3rd. This is a great value if you are one of our TCL television owners or even have a different Hand TV model. If the carbon-colored wireless speakers fit into your decor, they will offer a better sound than the comparatively priced sound bar.

Handheld TV Wireless Speakers are an audio option that we cover in a special piece. Chris Heinonen wrote: "Handheld $ 200-pair Wireless Bookshelf Speakers, Handheld TV Wireless Speakers are very easy to set up and use, sound good and can be a good soundtrack alternative – if you already have or want to buy Handheld TV because it's the only one The set they will work with is so well connected to the TV that they function as one device and they will give you better stereo separation and overall sound quality than a similar price band. "

TravelCard Charger

Travelcard "data-caption =" Travelcard data-credit = "Engadget" data-credit-link-back = "" data-local-id = "local-3-7225013-1548965368919" data-media-id = "ac683925-bbe5-4f0f-9c84-9a8b33d844ca" data-original-url = " 11e9-bbdd-c94e0394ba78 "data-title =" Travelcard "src =" 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded images% 2F2019-01% 2F88d1ecb0-2593-11e9-bbdd-c94e0394ba78 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 1549fe42d695666abdd2c872dbb693ac1a2cf8da "/></p><p><strong><i>Street price: $ 29; transaction price: $ 25 w / code V15</i></strong></p><p>Use code <b>V15</b> 15 percent off at this easy-to-charge battery pack. The promotional code lowers the price from $ 29 to $ 25 – delivery is free. We sometimes see better prices with a 20 percent promo code, but overall it's relatively rare for this charger. If you need the smallest possible battery, it is a convenient and reliable solution that may not see lower prices for some time.</p><p>The TravelCard Charger is a pocket size selection in our guide for the best USB battery pack and power banks. Mark Smirniotis wrote: "If you need an absolute smallest battery to keep your phone at the end of the day when you can't get to the socket, the TravelCard charger is the most convenient and reliable option. A credit card, and about three times thicker, TravelCard stands out from other small batteries because It has two integrated cables: one with a standard USB-A plug to charge the battery, and the other with a Micro-USB or Lightning – connection plug (depending on which version of TravelCard you purchase) to charge the device because you don't need to carry cables are nothing extra to forget, and the TravelCard is always ready to work with cables that fit securely without interfering or falling – a real problem with some of the cheapest credit card size batteries. Since the announcement of this model in 2014, several Wirecutter employees have personally used TravelCard with positive results. "</p><h3>Echo Show (2nd Gen) 2-Pack</h3><p><img alt=

Street price: $ 460; Transaction Price: $ 360

Currently, when you add two Echo Shows to your Amazon cart, the $ 100 discount is reflected at check-out. The Echo Show can also be used for video chat with the family or as an internal intercom, so there are some useful ways to capture two. While we saw some of the great packages that were included in the new exhibition on weekends, these sales are longer, so if you are expecting a deal and you need a couple, this is a solid opportunity to save.

The Echo Show is Alexa's screen selection in our guide to Amazon's Echo Speaker Line. Grant Clauser wrote that the latest gen show: “The second generation Echo Show has been completely redesigned with a 10-inch HD display, an updated sound with two-way audio and eight microphones, a 5 megapixel camera and a Zigbee hub. Also noted is "local voice control", a new feature that allows Echo Plus and Echo Show to respond to teams even during a web break. "

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