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Super Bowl commercial celebrity bumblebee to draw attention to this year, from Cardi B to Jeff Bridges


The Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and is a brand new advertisement.

It is expected that this year's party will provide such famous celebrities as Cardi B, Christina Applegate, Jeff Bridges, among other things, for making special cameos. But it will pay companies a pretty penny to run them (we're talking to millions).

Businesses will have to pay anywhere between $ 5.1 and $ 5.3 million for ads running after kickoff, according to Variety. If you want before the game time, then you expect an bill that could be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to over $ 1 million – the price depends on time.

This is a huge leap from the average price for advertising in the Super Bowl I in 1967, which was about $ 37,500, according to Nielson Media Research.


In fact, the cost of refilling for 30 seconds has become so expensive in recent years that Coca-Cola reports that it will decide to stop the game this year. Instead, the soda giant plans to run a 60-second ad before kickoff, Stuart Kronauge, Senior Vice President of Coca-Cola Marketing in North America, recently approved the breed.

"We have a long history of using the country's largest advertising stage to share the message of unity and positivity, especially at times when our nation feels divided," he said. "This year, we decided to place our ad just before the anthem, when Americans meet in their living room to remind everyone that" together they are beautiful. ”

Fortunately, some companies have already given fans a spooky look at their stars. Here are some to follow.

Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carell

Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carell are all in the business of Pepsi Super Bowl.

In the ad center is Cardi B signed "o-kurrrr". The company said they would use it to answer the frequently asked question, "Is Pepsi OK?"

"That's what happens in real life fairly," Grwe Lyons, the company's North American beverage CMO, said Adweek. “We had a choice to look at it and pull it over or ignore it. We play it because something is really connected to consumers, and we did it in a fun Pepsi that really highlights and notes how big Pepsi is. ”


Pepsi had already made a significant buzz before the championship, and was likely to play a major role.

The company had more than 51,600 social media on Thursday, according to analysts Talkwalker, said that Pepsi seems to be winning over Coca-Cola (at least now).

"This aggressive campaign, as well as the SBLIII half-time buzz, seems to allow Pepsi to win both the commemorative battle (282,000 Pepsi commemorates vs. 181,000 Tree Commemoration) and engagement (1.8 million Pepsi share / retweets vs. 1.5 million Coke actions / retweets) In North America in the last 30 days), "Talkwalker said Fox News.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges can republish his iconic role as Jeffrey's The Dude in Lebowski's classic Coen Brothers' The Big Lebowski. ”The short video he posted meant it could happen – at least during the Super Bowl.

The actor placed a 15-second video on his Twitter account, where he turned out to be a character.

"You can't live in the past, man. Stay tuned," he wrote the message, although he didn't provide any additional context.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate will need all her backseat passengers (M & Ms) to close. The actress will become the annoying leader in the M & M Super Bowl ad called "Bad Passengers".

"Do I have to demolish you?", She stood before her stop and shouted, "Okay, that is: if you don't stop, I'll eat all you live right now!"

According to Eater, this is the first time a company has opened a brand new candy bar with mini M & Ms during the Super Bowl.

Jason Bateman

"Which floor?" Jason Bateman plays the elevator operator at Hyundai Super Bowl, which CNET confirms it will be in the first quarter of the game.

During the ad, several people enter the elevator because Bateman pushes the buttons to go to different floors. Every time people open their doors, people are focused on exciting scenes, such as dentist activities or jury fees. Hyundai hopes that a commercial buyer will encourage buyers to use their own Shopper Assistance program, where merchants can send their vehicle market price online.

"We understand that shopping for a new car is usually something people don't want to expect," said Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor America, in a statement from CNET. "However, our distributors use Shopper Assurance as a North Star to help develop and improve their retail experience. This year's Super Bowl site announces the program is fun, light-hearted, for viewers to touch."

Fox News "Chris Ciaccia and Madeline Farber participated in this report.

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