Friday , October 22 2021

Spotify has been reported in "advanced stages" for a podcast of $ 230M


Spotify reported

Spotify / Gimlet

Several outlets, referring to unnamed sources, reported on Friday that Spotify is a leading podcast manufacturing company in "advanced stages". Rumored transaction is not slouch: $ 230 million to buy Gimlet Media, a company responsible for very burdened podcast episodes such as Reply to all, Science Vs., and Start.

Record and Wall Street Journal each reported a Gimlet price from a Spotify neighbor with over $ 200 million. This number was later explained by Nick Quah, the author of the Hot Pod newsletter, to be closer to $ 230 million. All three reports indicate that the transaction is not complete.

The reports include a reminder that Gimlet's latest public rating based on venture capital funding in August 2017 was around $ 70 million. Spotify has previously acquired smaller music and streaming services, including the music data company and the virtual studio Soundtrap, but none of the purchase costs has been publicly announced (and none of them has been rumored at nearly $ 230 million) ). More importantly, these acquisitions are generated around platforms and technologies that are not potentially exclusive series and content.

Gimlet's public cache has grown thanks to some 2018 development: Gimlet for fictitious, radio drama podcasts customization Homecoming like a TV series. This series, which received a two-season order last November, debuted as Amazon Video exclusive, produced and run Mr Robot by Sam Esmail and stars Julia Roberts.

Such a purchase could create Spotify beef up its exclusive podcast library, which currently consists of music-related talk shows such as Ebb and stream and Joe Budden's show. None of the reports confirm whether the acquisition would block any of Gimlet's past or current series as Spotify's exclusive.

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