Sunday , February 5 2023

SNL returns with Rudy Giuliani and his witnesses to the election


In the opening sketch of the NBC variety show at the Michigan court hearing, McCinnon Julian testified to witnesses on allegations of voter fraud.

“These elections were stolen from the American people with a level of cunning that has not been seen since Hudini,” said McKinon Julia. “It wasn’t me. It was you guys.”

McKinon’s Julian said he and President Trump would first cancel the results in Michigan, then Georgiavania and North-a-Canada.

“You want to get evidence? Okay, okay, today I gave you a dozen very intelligent, just drunk people, all of whom are eyewitnesses,” said McKinon Julie.

The first witness was Cecilia Strong, who portrayed Melissa Caron, an IT contractor at Dominion Voting Systems, who spoke to Julian at the Michigan court hearing and made an audible laugh.

“I swear to tell my whole story, and nothing but my story helps me so much in God,” said Strong’s Carone.

Strong Kerone then told the panel to lose its attitude “just as you” lost “all these Trump votes” and said she personally saw hundreds, if not thousands, of the dead vote.

“Did you check every poll? Did you talk to all the dead people?” Strong’s Carone asked Michigan state senators. “I’m not lying. I signed After David.”

Other witnesses included a woman who “ate ballots”, a man who was kidnapped by aliens, Michael J. Lindel, the executive director of my pillow, and Chloe Fineman, who played the hero of Nicole Kidman from the HBO movie “The Undoing.”

Then the Strong returned as Karone, saying that Dominion was cheating on him from cheese bread.

“I think you’re confusing Dominion with Dominos,” one of the state senators told her.

“In any case, my vote took more than 30 minutes, so it should be free,” said Strong’s Carone.

Finally, McChinon Giuliani said he would not leave the fight to cancel the election.

“In conclusion, I would say that the defense is resting, but we will never rest. Only until these elections are canceled, or will I receive a full pardon and $ 10 million in cash,” said McKinon Julie. “And if you enjoyed what you saw today, we’ll hold a press conference at the Ritz-Carlton … at a plumbing and heating company right after that.”

McKinon then said the show’s signature: “Live … From New York! It’s Saturday night!”

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