Monday , October 3 2022

See that NASA recovers Orion's spacecraft in its most beautiful way


NASA took this photo on November 1 in the Pacific during the sunset.

Photo edited by NASA / Ron Beard, photo credit: NASA / Tony Gray

November 1 was a nice day on the west coast of the United States. The Pacific Ocean is dark dark sunset red bands. NASA was there to capture the whole video, as it carried out an Orion Space Craft Crew Capsule Test Recovery mission.

The film is wonderful to see science melding with the art of nature.

On Thursday, NASA posted a video showing Navy USS John P. Murtha's ship who captures the Orion capsule test on its label trail. Sunset crosses the horizon by lending the rest of the world.

NASA has been looking at the Moon and Mars and developing the Orion spacecraft as a way to pick people up to Earth's orbits. The space agency is planning an unmanned Orion mission around the moon by 2020 with the aim of sending the team in 2023.

When one day the astronauts will return to Orion on Earth, they will be slowed down by parachute before reaching the water. NASA and the US Navy carry out many ocean inspections to check capsule recovery procedures.

It will be a bonus if our future space travelers will treat the same kind of sunset that NASA just saw.

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NASA is turning 60 years old: the space agency has translated humanity far beyond anyone else, and plans to go further.

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