Monday , June 5 2023

Scientists rebuild Mars Sunrise with a piece of music


Scientists have created 5000s of Mars's sunrise soundtrack taken by NASA's Robot Rover Opportunity, using two-minute music tracks, using data-processing techniques.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University of Exeter created a music track scanning the image from left to right, pixels per pixel, and looking at information about brightness and color and combining them with terrain elevation.

They used algorithms to give each element a special pitch and melody.

Quiet, slow harmony is a dark background, and the bright sun-disk sonication produces brighter, higher-level sounds to the middle of the piece.

Gabija, named Mars Soundscapes, will be presented on November 13 at the Dallas, USA Super Competence Conference.

Researchers will use both traditional speakers and vibration sensors so that the audience can feel the vibration by hand, thus enjoying the first person experience in the sunrise of Mars.

Opportunity is a robot rover that has been supplying NASA's photo data to Mars since 2004. This year, it stopped communicating after a dust storm.

Scientists hope that this year it can resume its function.

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