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Python was found with 500 ticks treated with anemia


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A carpet called Nike is now free of ticks

A snake with more than 500 ticks removed has been left weak and suffering from anemia, Australian veterinarians say.

Snake Catchers last week rescued carpet braided from the shore of the garden on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

The snake, called 'Nike', was treated with veterinarians for a 'nasty infection'.

"[This] may have caused his movement, allowing thorns to use it, ”said Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in a statement online.

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Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher / facebook

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Veterinarians said that 511 mites were removed from the snakes

The Wildlife Service said it was hoping that it would be released into the wild in the coming months.

Now the snake was with an experienced caregiver, said the hospital.

"Nike is not yet a forest, but we hope he will fully recover," said the non-profit service.

Ticks can cause anemia – a lack of red blood cells – by feeding the host's blood.

Neck with a bucket

The hospital said it had recently been treated by joey koala, which was found in more than 100 ticks.

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Veterinarians needed about two hours to remove the koala ticks

The healing was separated from the mother when it was rescued, said the wildlife group of Koala friends.

The group said it felt that the marsh had attracted so many ticks as it sits on the ground, probably a sign that it was sick or injured.

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Experts say that animals usually have a small number of ticks and other parasites.

However, if the animal is weak, the parasites can multiply rapidly and take over the animal's immune system.

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