Wednesday , February 24 2021

Polioactive syndrome can be caused by several viruses, says the CDC

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Patients with a poliomyelitis-like condition called acute fleectic myelitis almost all of the symptoms of the viral infection were symptoms, the disease control and prophylaxis centers said on Tuesday.

As viruses are the main suspect, causing muscle weakness or paralysis that marks the condition, CDC researchers reported in a new report. Viruses are one called EV-D68, but also a related virus called the EV-A71 and some others, said a team of CDC researchers.

"Almost all AFM patients have reported symptoms and symptoms consistent with viral illness in weeks prior to limb weakness," wrote the CDC team led by Susannah McKay from the CDC Viral Disease Division.

Viruses can directly spoil the spinal cord. "Another possibility is that the pathogen has caused an immune response in the body that causes damage to the spine," writes Dr Nancy Messonnier, telephone counsel for CDC journalists.

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