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Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks, without difficulty Richard Sherman, San Francisco 49ers

RENTON, Wash. – If Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was all worried with critical comments, Richard Schermans made his way from Seattle, he did not say on Wednesday.

It's not hard to feel, according to Carroll.

"Shermam had to do what he had to do," Carroll said. "He had to change his confidence and adapt to his new team, and everything that happened was okay. I do not care."

With Sherman returning to CenturyLink Field for the first time on Sunday as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, Carroll spent most of his weekly news conference asking questions about the end of the ever-breaking "All-Pro" cornerstone career in Seattle and his dirty departure from the past.

Seahawks trainer Pete Carroll (left), dear to talk about his years of training Richard Sherman on Wednesday, brushing off Sherman's critique of Carroll when Seattle allowed him to leave after the 2017 season. Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

After releasing Seattle and signing with 49s, Sherman said he felt Seahawk was "slightly lost" in rating the players and that he did not think that the team's decision to move from him after his season's progressive Achilles rupture when Seahawk was stuck in other outstanding players due to serious injuries. He also said that Carroll's message had become obsolete with some of the more used veterans and that the trainer's philosophy was better suited to college.

"I knew what Sherma was," Carroll said on Wednesday. "I know him differently than you might think that I am doing, and I think his world was at the same time as he came here that he said things that I probably would not have agreed and they had to work. he was his husband, he was a boy when he was here, and everything that came out during the transition came out. I do not care, I could take a little care about it. "

Sherman produced four Pro Bowls and in seasons Seahawk won the first All-Pro team three times in seven seasons. His 32nd detention from 2011 to 2017 led the league, and he was one of the most important games in the history of franchising, when he patted Colin Kaepernick through the final zone for the teammate Malcolm Smith on the interception that sent Seahawks to Super Bowl XLVIII. Carroll mentioned playing as his favorite on the field memories of Sherman.

"Consistently playing great football," he said, when asked what he considered the Sherman legacy of Seattle. "He did it for a long time."

Carroll admitted that Sherman might be hard to manage, but looked positively at it.

"He was a challenge, yes," said Carroll. "He was a challenge to many of our boys. It was a challenge because he really wanted to work with someone and see the beautiful aspects of this person. He is an amazing person and I enjoyed great respect for him because he was outstanding and he had a lot of the thought and the huge competitiveness of him that took him to places that other athletes could not get. Every little bit was worth it. Every little one was worth it. "

With all the compliments he provided, Carroll at one point joked that it was "pretty good lovefest of Sherm." He then said with artificial intensity: "Let's wait, friend!"

Carroll waited for the sincere reception of Sherman on Sunday.

"I think he's loved here about all the great things he did," Carroll said, adding that "some great things have been done here," he said, "I do not think that our fans feel anything else than what they are doing."

Average linebacker Bobby Wagner agreed.

"He should receive the loudest encouragement that they can possibly cheer and congratulate the warmest," said Wagner, Sherman's teammate for six seasons. "It's not like he said:" I hate this team, I want to leave. "It was all on the business side, so I would be surprised if they were excited. If someone prompted him to dislike him when he was here. I think he deserves applause." The first football championship in the city. I would not expect anything other than respect . "

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