Saturday , July 24 2021

Opera releases a new browser with a built-in cryptographic purse and Web 3.0 Explorer

The main web browser Opera releases a new browser with a built-in cryptocorrection safe. Development was announced in a press release shared with the Cointelegraph on 9 April.

Opera's new Opera 60 (code name Reborn 3) is a native cryptocurrency that backs up Opera Wallet and Web 3 Explorer, allowing users to do business and interact with block-based Internet, also known as Web 3. The browser also provides a virtual private network (VPN) function to improve user privacy and security.

Opera Wallet, of course, syncs with the cryptocorrection wallet in the operating system for smartphones, so the wallet keys never leave users' smartphones. Graduation explains in more detail:

"In practice, when they need to identify a Web 3 website or sign a deal with a block, users receive a notification of their smartphone. They can approve it in the same way as they unlock the system using, for example, face recognition or fingerprints. ”

With the integration of VPN services, the company strives to provide users with security and privacy by creating an encrypted tunnel that "protects user data from third parties and ensures their geographic location."

“Blockchain technology allows people to return to power and control. They can safely sign transactions and identify themselves on websites without unnecessarily monitoring their data. "

Opera announced for the first time in July 2018 that a built-in cryptocurrency wallet was added to the Android browser. Product Manager Charles Hame said that “our hope is that it will accelerate the transition from speculation and investment to cryptocurrencies to use actual payments and transactions in our users' daily lives. ”

Last month Opera announced the upcoming Opera Touch iOS, Web 3 browser with integrated cryptographic purse and Ethereum (ETH) support and interaction with decentralized applications (DApps). Before that, Opera added a new service that enabled users in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to purchase Ethereum through the Android version of their browser.

This year, the Brave Block Browser is an open source browser based on Chromium, which blocks ads and web site tracking in collaboration with the Cheddar news website to offer its users limited access to top quality content for a limited time. Brave is also the default Exodus browser, HTC's local block chain phone.

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