Tuesday , February 7 2023

Nathan Sykes About Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" – Watching His Reaction – Hollywood Life


Ariana Grande's "Thank You, Next" song spell a coup for her exam, but Nathan Sykes was not one of them! Watch his reaction after learning he was left!

Nathan Sykes, 25, devged with a bullet with this one! By Ariana Grande, 25, called her several exes by the name of her song "Thank U, Next," her former flame was grateful that it could not be mentioned on the track. New video interview with TMZ, The Wanted singer asked all about the song, and he admits that he has not heard it yet. When he learns that he is not mentioned for the song – he is thrilled! "It is OK!" He says with a big smile. "No, that's fine," he says again.

Some others were less happy with the flames of the end of Ari's circle. Singer doing it to mention Big Sean, Mac miller, and her last ex Pete Davidson on the road. However, I do not think for a minute that Ari means any damage from public calls. That was exactly the opposite! The songwriter was nothing but nice to say for each of them, and the valuable lessons for which they taught him. "You are not looking … no shadow … .. you love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness … and growth," she said on Twitter for a song to be clear.

"Thank U, Next," was released on November 3, but it was not the only exciting novelty this singer had this weekend. On November 7, Ari released her new music video "Breathin", which was STUNNING. The song provides insight into the spiritual state of Ariana, after some have called it a difficult year, and Ari gave it an ideal visual treatment. The video shows that she needs to go all the way to the train station before dreaming through the clouds of heaven.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that Nathan's name was turned off by "Thank U, Next". The couple called it a stopover before 2013, and is not attracted these days. However, the pop star's collapse with former fiance Pete is still fresh. Only on October 14th, that these two suddenly rejected their involvement, it's natural that Ari had a reference to the distribution in the new track.

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