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Michael Avenatti, lawyer Stormy Daniels, is arrested for domestic violence

In a press conference in Los Angeles, Michael Avenatti spoke with the media in September.

In a press conference in Los Angeles, Michael Avenatti spoke with the media in September.


Andrew Cullen / Reuters

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, LOS ANGELES-Attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested on Wednesday for alleged domestic violence.

Associated Press reported that Mr Avenatti was released from police custody. According to the LAPD, his offense was set at $ 50,000.

With his law firm's statement, Avenatti rejected statements and said that the police were only doing their job. "I have never been physically abusive in my life, as well as I did last night," he said. "Any accusations have been made and designed to harm my reputation."

Official Tony Im, a police spokesman, told the AP that the victim had apparent injuries. He refused to provide information on the victim's relationship with Mr Avenatti.

This year, Avenatti became a national representative, representing Stephanie Clifford, a professional known as Stormy Daniel, a former adult movie star who was paid to remain silent about her statements about a sexual encounter with President Trump.

Mr Avenatti has become the vocal adversary of Mr Trump, often speaking in television news broadcasts and sparring with the supporters of the president of Twitter.

More recently, he represented a woman who, in his approval process, charged with sexual offenses against Brett Kavanaugh, a US Supreme Court judge. He has also become presidential until 2020. He is best known for representing Mrs Clifford in court in an attempt to invalidate the non-proliferation statement she signed in exchange for $ 130,000. The federal judge at Los Angeles, who reviewed this claim in mid-October, dismissed Daniel's claim of defamation against the president and ordered her to pay a tight trial in this case.

Later in October, Avenatti faced an irreparable failure in court when the judge ordered him to pay a multimillion dollar judgment to a former colleague and a separate judge ordered his law firm to release his office space for non-lease for several months.

Over the past year and a half, more than a dozen lenders have come to court to collect millions of dollars in debt for which they claim to have to pay A. Avenatti, his law or his legal entities.

Mr Avenatti in June, The Wall Street Journal said that his personal and financial transactions and legal practice should not be in the public interest and that he is flourishing financially.

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