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MEKLENBURG COUNTY HEPATITIS CASE: Southern Park restaurant employee's latest case of hepatitis A, officials say


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Mecklenburg Oblast Department of Health has confirmed another case of hepatitis A.

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Health care workers have not identified a person, but said they are restaurant staff.

Officials believed that the possible exposure to hepatitis A occurred at the Village Tavern Congress Street on October 30th. All the patrons who ate on that day are advised to get the hepatitis A vaccine.

[CDC: Hepatitis A information]

"After consulting the country today, we recommend vaccination for all employees and exposed patrons who ate the Village Tavern, located at 4201 Congress Street on Tuesday, October 30," said Public Health Director Gibbie Harris. "According to the Center for Disease Control, the vaccine should be administered within 14 days of exposure to be effective."

Channel 9 found that the Village Tavern was tested in the Department of Health on September 21 and earned 87. The restaurant was tested again on October 10 and received 92.5.

Vaccination for potential clients and populations that meet the high risk factors associated with hepatitis A will be addressed to the Billingsley Road Health Department in the Mecklenburg Region.

Below are the days when public health clinics will be open:

  • On Thursday afternoon 8:00 am – at noon 15:00
  • Friday, november 9: 8 o'clock – at noon 15:00
  • Saturday, November 10: 9 o'clock – noon
  • Sunday, November 11: 9 o'clock – noon
  • Monday, November 12: 9 at noon – noon
  • Tuesday, November 13: 8 at noon – at noon 15

This is the 24th case where hepatitis A has been registered in the area since the beginning of the year.

In June, health officials said a Hardee employee in West Charlotte had a virus diagnosed.


Thousands were warned to get a vaccine after they ate in Hardee's restaurant where the employee was working.

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