Monday , June 5 2023

Listen to Sade's new "Widows" song "The Big Unknown" – Rolling Stone


Sade has discovered their slow-release new "The Big Unknown", featured at the upcoming Steve McQueen movie Widows.

Sade Adu and the company also shared a lyric video for their new song from across Widows with lyrics that seem to have pulled out of the film about the four women who were forced to take robbery to pay their late husband debts.

"I just try to keep / I fell under the dark light / I feel that I fell into a great unknown place," Adu sings. "In this cold, cold plane / there is no way to appreciate my pain, there is no fire and fire."

"It was an honor to work with such a legend," McQueen said in a statement earlier. "Sade is an unparalleled talent and incredible artist who rarely publishes new material, but fortunately has the original Widows was deeply resonant with her. "

The Big Unknown is the second step in Sade's soundtrack in 2018. This year, the band lent the "Flower of the Universe" to Open DuVernay Field wrinkle. This song marked Sades's first new song since 2011.

Sade last edited her album Love warrior In 2010 Widows and its soundtrack arrives on November 16th with a physical release from the soundtrack played by Hans Zimmer.

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