Tuesday , February 7 2023

Jets' Dannolds are reportedly suffering losses that could delay him until December


New York Jets will probably play for the rest of the month without Sam Darnold.

According to NFL.com, the Jets rookie player is struggling with legs that will surely keep him from Sunday's game against bills. Obviously, the damage is so severe that it could retain Darnold during the rest of the month. After the Sunday's game, the Jets are the 11th evening before the Patriots play at Week 12.

In accordance with New York Daily News, the team is not optimistic about Darnold's chances of playing against New England, which means he is likely to not return until December 2 when Jets will go to Tennessee.

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Darnold scored to beat at the time of Jets 13-6 loss Sunday's dolphin – a game in which he quadrupled four times – and he later admitted that he felt he got it"However, less than 24 hours later, the rookie quarterback indicated that he was fine in an interview on Monday.

"Yes, I feel good," said Darnold. "Some attacks and some bouts, but everything is good."

Despite Darwin's optimism, everything is not good, and it was clear on Wednesday when he appeared to practice with boot on his right foot. With Darnolad this week, he will not be able to fight the bill, Jets will most likely turn to Jack McCown, who in 2017 gained team starts from 5-8.

Although it once seemed that we could get a new battleship with the quarterback for the Bills-Jets game, now it seems more and more that we are about to get McCown against Nathan Peterman. Peterman is expected to receive an invoice if both will be Josh Allen [elbow] and Derek Anderson [concussion] can not play

Alens has not played since the 6th week, but there is the possibility that she will be able to return to the field this week. Settlement coach Sean McDermott spoke a bit optimistic this week at a press conference on Wednesday.

"He has done a good job so far, without any difficulty," McDermott said of the rehabs process using quotes given by the team. "[We’re] just go for it in one day time. [We] wants to see how he is doing today. After practice, we know a little more. [It’s] one game, one day at a time right now. "

The laws are the successor to the Jets game, which means it will not be completely surprising if they choose to allow Allen to sit this week. If they go on this route, it will give Aleni an additional week to heal and he is unlikely to return until November 25 when Orders play Yaguar.

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