Sunday , January 29 2023

Jason Blum is not squeezed out of the scene after an antitheft speech – a breed


The Israeli Film Festival has released a statement after Jason Blum was called on Wednesday night when he addressed Donald Trump when he accepted the prize. It was about announcing the results of the mid-term elections, which made it a very tense day, "said the festival.

The festival director, Meir Fenigstein, attributed this incident to "some audience members" who "did not fully respect this respect" and said that the Blum festival failed to be removed, rather, he was asked to step away from the scene for his own safety.

Blum, who received the festival's achievements in the film and television prize, began his reception speech saying: "The great thing about this country is that you can resemble Trumpet, but I do not have that, and I can say what I feel about it – and I do not like it! "

Subsequently, some members of the audience began to leave the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, when boos and a scream broke out.

"As you see from this audience, this is the ultimate goal of civilian discourse," Blum continued. "We have a president who invites the press to the enemies of the nation. Thanks to our president, anti-Semiticism is growing."

When the person approached and tried to drag Blum offstage, security was called to spend Blum offstage, and the man retreated.

The statement states:

For over 32 years, the Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles has produced more than 1,000 feature films, documentaries, television shows and short films to remove one million filmmakers, and hundreds of Israeli directors came to the United States to share their art. Last night, at the opening of the 32nd edition, the festival honored two highly acclaimed film makers, producer Jason Blum and writer / director Avi Nesheru for a great investment in the cinema. Through their work, they entertain the viewers around the world. Their artistic expression and opinions are their own, and, fortunately, the United States protects their freedom of expression. Although some may disagree with their point of view, many have fought and lost their lives as a very fundamental right to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation.

"Over the last three decades, we have never been able to let the film maker or actor express himself either personally or through his work," said the director and founder of the Fenigstein festival. "We have often highlighted films that some may consider to be unpleasant or controversial. We do not give in to violence in any way, but we strongly support a dialogue that allows people to express their views and opinions in dignity. Unfortunately, some audience members lacked this very last night's discovery. respect and became a holiday and a recognition evening for something else.

"This is the first time we've ever experienced something like that," continued Fenigstein. "I am in complete shock, but I understand that yesterday was an ambitious day in America with the elections."

"To be clear, the festival did not remove Jason Blum from the scene in any way. To protect him when the audience is in no way associated with the festival, a podium is imposed, the festival's security revealed Blum from the scene."

The Fenigstein statement said that most of the audience of more than 1200 people was respectful.

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