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Speaking of "second overall choice", Freddie Kitchens reveals as much of himself as he does with Myles Garrett.

BEREA Freddie Kitchens spoke for the last two months of the 2018 NFL project no.

He has just talked about the 2017 project no. 1, but now that Kitchen is Browns head coach, it is changing.

Asking Myles Garrett on Monday, the Kitchen discovered so much about itself as he did on the Pro Bowl defense force.

"Ask him who beat him at the pool," the kitchen said about starters.

Given the gregar nature of the kitchen, it has never been difficult to imagine that he was joking with Mayfield in his role as a temporary offensive coordinator. It turns out that he has made a relationship with Garrett.

"It might not answer your question, but maybe it gives you a different opinion," said the Kitchen. "I don't know when the coaches were above everyone else.

"Saying that I don't know how many people know Clete Deiner (stadium operation coordinator), I know Clete. I'm talking to Clete. I understand where Clete lives, I know how many children he has.

"You know how I discovered it? I'm talking to him and I asked him. I've invested in people. So you're starting to build relationships."

The Garrett contract can be controlled by Browns. He has been signed up to 2020, and the team can host him for the fifth year in 2021 and then save him with the franchise.

Providing an attractive environment for Garrett, which includes head coach stars, can be part of the tempting Garrett to consider a long-term solution with Browns.

Currently Kitchen and Garrets are billiard friends.

"Do I know everything about Myles? No," said the Kitchen. "I know he thinks he has a good pool, and I know I'm stunned by the pool. I know he has a pool and he likes to watch his video on the next opponent.

"It's the beginning of a relationship right there."

Garrets and J.J. Watt is the starting force of defense in the AFC Pro Bowl, which will be played on January 27 in Orlando. Brown's defense will also be represented by Pro Bowl, a newcomer to the cornerstone of Denzel Ward, who is a quadruple total of 2018 projects.

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