Monday , March 8 2021

In May, Waymo can start the driver's service

Some cars would originally have duplicate devices to attract customers and take a pinch, but vehicles would drive themselves almost all the time. Those Early Rider members who do not move on to this new service will test a more aggressive autonomy, but with an "ever-increasing" number of cars that do not have a driver at all.

Waymo has refused to comment.

If rumors have proven correct, it will be a turning point for self-destruct technology. Although publicly running driver services are free, they are often restricted to well-defined routes. The Waymo initiative should be what you would expect whenever the driver goes unpowered – you just pay for a robot car to take you wherever you want to go. It will take a long time before these types of services are widely available. The regulators are slowly confirmed with no driver tests, and the technology itself needs to work in different traffic and road conditions. However, it highlights a bump that could be one of the major transport changes over the decades.

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