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Howard Terminal's new A ballpark offer looks great, but it will be difficult to build

I will tell this story while someone screams about it repeating, but each of its names is true: when I grew up, there was nothing more frustrating than going to watch Oakland A at the Coliseum, and that was because it was so much better than candlestick It was exponentially better. This place was my whole family, and I always wanted a ballpark. The weather was better. Public transport took you right there. When you reached the center of the square, you saw open space concrete site. You will be able to watch the game played on the concert.

It was perfect.

The current Coliseum is … not so perfect now. The Raiders devastated baseball-friendly games, and the stadium broke down uneasily. After years of proposals and rendering, it seems that A is finally moving forward with plans for a new ballpark that looks like it will be a complicated, ambitious mess. It's like American Ninja Warrior bureaucratic and logistical difficulties, with tremors and fluctuations in fluctuations and floating platforms.

It also looks perfect.

For a while, there have already been three plans in the A play area. The first was the park at the present site, which already has public transport and infrastructure, but it is systematically depressed in an area that is unlikely to attract the development of neighborly relations, and ideas like to speak. The second was a park who needed a land from a community college who said that A should be installed.

This current Howard Terminal plan was the third one and it was considered unfounded. Public transport was one of the biggest obstacles, as well as the weather that was described to me as "a candlestick". The weather is due to the fact that cutting upwards is not water-resistant, although it does not quite save the park from everything Bay Area can throw at it. We will get it.

Here's a plan:

  • A has earned the current Colosseum land and turned it into the center of technology and housing, while maintaining the Oracle Arena venue for concerts and events *. It satisfies the mandate of a joint project that was relevant to the city and the area hosted by Raiders.
  • A has built a ballpark in a private quay at another quay, though perhaps with many tax breaks and silent Oakland and Alameda promises to spend money on the necessary infrastructure. (Only guess.)
  • A has also built GIGANTIC FREAKING GONDOLA to transfer people from public transport to the ballpark.

* This is where you can spend $ 80 to listen to the Iron Maiden sound as they play with 100,000 Teddy Ruxpins max volumes. Not that I'm bitter.

There is so much in the plan, it happens. The gondolas may sound like science fiction, except that only our American prejudices appear. These are not just ski resorts, and the new Oakland Zoo works great (most of the time). The gondola can be made easier some from the problems caused by the distance from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

The location is also plus. Not only is it near the water reservoir, it is close to Jack London Square, a very nice collection of shops and restaurants. And the tumbleweeds. But the new park would be a way to help prevent it, see it, and I say it. I always liked the Jack London area *.

* This is where I should be given $ 20 at 20 meters from Charlie Hunter. Not that I am proud.

The love of friendship design and the effort to make it part of the city center is also a plus. No one knows whether the migration trend towards cities will continue, but it certainly has not slowed down. This is exactly the kind of ballpark dreamed about by young urban specialists (the new hole, I call "em").

I am all about this ballpark and place.

Of course there are some obstacles.


The gondola looks delightful, and as far as BART is not close, the train station is miles away. Opponents from the AT & T Park poke parties for convenience near the train station, saying it was too optimistic to expect outsiders to ride the train, but it's a popular way to get to the park. Nearby is also.

However, there may be a major traffic problem in Park A. The Interstate 880 is a hot massive time spent on time that could affect at least half of home games. There is also no easy way to get thousands of cars in and out of the area. Now getting there is connected with the highway exit that slips you into the city, about nine quarters. This area is not capable of handling a slow, viscous flow of vehicles without serious infrastructure improvements that could be paid by public funds. This means a public battle.


Do not forget that Brooker Mark Twain said a quote about the weather in the Bay Area, which was "the most bitter winter I've ever experienced, was Summer BOOOOO, YOU ARE SUCK LASORD, YOU SUCK, GETS FROM THIS!", Unless it was my dad telling me about Mark Twain cites 1988's military games. However, this is that, although Oakland is not San Francisco, this bay is still getting cold and windy.

A property says that the weather will be better than expected!

"We know that the weather is better (Howard Terminal) than AT & T," he said. "We have studied it, we have a report, it's clear. The main thing about the weather in East Bay is that you are not exposed to the haze … Howard's terminal has more winds than the Coliseum. We've done a lot of work. comparing (Howard Terminal) with the Coliseum. The ambient temperature and heat comfort (HT) are quite similar to the place we are currently playing. "

I repeat the description I heard from someone who knows about the study: it's not what's different from Candlestick Park, the wind. A park would be warmer, of course, simply because Norway is warmer than a candlestick, but it would still be very windy.

Politics and bureaucracy

It's hard to explain how bad cities and districts have come across with Raiders. Taxpayers still have to pay $ 20 million in debt each year until the year 2025, when the Colosseum's rebuilding work was part of the revenge of Los Angeles, although there will be no NFL or NBA teams next year.

And that's before you get to the part where the racket raiders devastated A's field. It was a great ballpark, I swear!

So there will be less patience for the kind of hand that brings other teams to the past to get the places they wanted. There is "we have never received any rent from the trick of your land" or do not worry about sharing and revenues from parking spaces that are used in our tricks or. .. indeed, just dig through this site and knock yourself on reading all kinds of tax skimming hocus pocus. They are always so creative! Even the "fully privately funded" AT & T Park needed a little bit of nine-digit help. There is also an overview of the environmental impact.

All this means there is no such a mat that A can sweep away its problems. The Bay Area is still an angry people who will make their life's mission steal the carpet, burn it, and ash at the top of the pitch. Most of the funding will be private, and this is a great proposal for the proposal. But it will still be tough to fulfill without touchches.

As a baseball nut living 15 minutes away, I am ecstatic, and I hope this plan will take place. I am a bit annoying as a terrible baseball nut who likes to have a reasonable price for my family member. And for a long time, a person who has been following A's balloon for a long time, I am more than a little skeptical.

A dozen years ago A held a press conference to announce a new ballroom in Fremont, South Oakland. Bud Selig was there. Everything was pink. The Ballpark offer looked gorgeous. Neighborhood plans were ambitious. And everything was as difficult as hell. It took three years before A was released.

This proposal looks better and this would help turn A into a financial strength that one of the wealthiest national territories can afford to support. And that would be great for baseball lovers, so unexplainably great.

But, if you feel the mood for this whimsy, then keep a good idea until this first excess dirt is thrown aside.

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