ARLINGTON, TX – Cowboy Security Byron Jones leaned from an adjacent side and grabbed Titans defenseman Jurrell Casey and Wesley Woodyard at the fleet and white stars painted in AT & T's stadium box.

But let's get back up.

Twelve and a half minutes had passed on a Monday night's football quarter, when Kevin Bjard's security at Tennessee flew at the end of Cowboys, intercepting Dak Prescott's pass for Amari Cooper.

Byard drove with a stolen bomb on a 50-jar line, team members joining him to dance atop the Cowboys star logo on the push-button. The excitement reflected a wide receiver Terel Oven, who, say, appeared on the Cowboys Hall of Fame, returning to Emmitt Smith with the same game 18 years ago.

John did not have a Dallas detention.

He ran.

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"Just defending a star," Jones said after Dallas' loss of 28-14, Titans dropped his record up to 3-5. "There's no reason not to see the star as such.

"You can be fun. I understand the celebration. But moving to a star will exceed your limits."

For his performance on Monday night, possibly a pulse changer at Cowboys' home-run losses this year, Byard earned a nod from Owens, three months after his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction.

"I feel I've seen it before," Owens tweeted after Byard's imitation. "I gave them a drop, they sucked it up, I got it."

Owens later added "#NoBiggerFanThanMe".

It's not enough to earn Bjard, who was planning a celebration at Titan's team at the hotel and was expecting "someone to leave my head" (they did not).

"What can I do if I play and really only debt to the team that we are not afraid?" Byard said that he thought. "We're here to play the ball. We're here to win the game."

Cowboys were not there.

Prescott handles a second turn in the third quarter, this time capturing Jayon Brown and Woodyard.

Dallas defenses went out like Titans, which were redesigned 11 to 14th in the fall and 4-5 runs to the red zone.

Croft owner Jerry Jones said his team looked tired when he retired for 15 days. Defenders acknowledged the controversy.

"The spell is high," said Tyrone Crawford, Cowboys Defender, who stood out with one of Dallas's four hair. "I think it's shocking. It was shocking to see … points."

Kaujibīns must take into account that another 28 points have been transferred, which means the fifth loss.

"We just wanted to see it as a team we want to be," said Byron Jones. "Do we want to appear as a team in the first quarter or in the first half of the year, or do we want to become the impostors that appeared in the second half?

"As the coach says, we have the right guys in this locker, high-profile guys. The smaller men could come back or shy, pointing fingers and dividing the team individually. But we have not got those guys here."

Small men can also let the opponents dancegleefully after the defenders of Titans were after the interception of Byard while John turned up.

"It's not necessary," he said. "When you hit the Cowboys arena, people do not. It's just about respecting the brand, respecting the star."

Johnny made this statement that when he ran from the adjoining side and danced the Byards dance team.

But in the eight remaining games this season can Cowboys make this announcement in this area?

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