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Gray & # 39; s Anatomy couple Meredith and Derek will not work today

Since release Gray's Anatomy Meredith Gray and Derek Shepherd in 2005 became the goal of the festival throughout the world, even after the death of Dr. McDreamy.

However, despite their indisputable chemistry, their romantic story might not have existed today.

"If you look, for example, Meredith Gray [Ellen Pompeo] and Derek Shepherd [Patrick Dempsey] using the Time & # 39; s Up and #MeToo lens, he was her boss, she was an intern, and she said, "No, walk away from me," and he continued to continue, and this is probably not the story we are could say about the show today and it's beautifully reflects the changing times, "Gray's showrunner Krista Vernoff said Los Angeles Times in a recent interview.

Desiring to show Shonda Rhimes a show to reflect changing times, Vernoff says they have opted for a different approach to the 15th season, with a particular focus on Meredith's relationship with the citizen Andrew DeLuca [Giacomo Gianniotti].

"This season we change a little, because we are starting to create this love triangle that appears with DeLucus as one person in this triangle, and he is a resident and a Meredith, and we have to deal with it differently than ever before," Vernof told .

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo)

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo)

Ron Toms / ABC through Getty

"We have to talk about and address the dynamics of power. It is a constant conversation in the writer's room. How do we tell this story in a way that feels honest and romantic and sexy, but still active and progressive?"

Although the show was able to fight when the relationship between men and women in the workplace arose, it helped to create the lives of many viewers and participants.

At the time it appears Ellena DeGeneresa's show In October, 48-year-old Pompeo said Ellen DeGeneres was a performer of a teenage actress who revealed to her how the series helped him come out with his parents.

Derek Shepherd and Meredith Gray on Gray's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd and Meredith Gray are Gray's Anatomy

Adam Taylor / ABC through Getty

"He was at the show and he was gay and played for the gays. After filming all this episode, he said:" I have been watching the show with my parents throughout my life and I used the show to tell my parents that I'm gay "said Pompeo.

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"" To show to my parents: it's good that I'm not different and I'm not okay. Gray really helped my parents understand what the gay son thought, and it was not bad at all. "

Reflecting the interaction, Pompeo becomes emotional. "I must continue to act, man, because we are connected with life and change change," added Pompeo.

Gray's Anatomy Season 15, premiere on September 27th.

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