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GameStop Black Friday offers on Xbox One and PS4 will start on Sunday, November 18th


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GameStop Black Friday's sale is open and … it's pretty low. The gaming retailer actually offers the same initial level as the $ 199 US PS4 and Xbox One, like any other big supermarket under the sun. But GameStop's timetable is significant: its sales prices start on Sunday, November 18th. It's 3 days before Walmart (Wednesday, 21 November) and 4 days before most other retailers.

Below are the following aspects. Note that:

  • Sales prices do not start until Sunday, November 18th and they are valid until Monday, November 26th, but the delivery is the last.
  • CNET may receive some of the proceeds from the sale of the following products.

PlayStation 4

As shown above, GameStop offers the same (excellent) 1TB PS4 + Spider-Man Kit for $ 199 It is widely available elsewhere. But, since the GameStop first plays, make sure that it can plunge too.

GameStop also offers PSVR kit for $ 249 ($ 100 off): the PSVR helmet, 2 Move Controller, PlayStation Camera, Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot. Again this one is widely available almost everywhere, but GameStop will have it first.

View it on GameStop

As for titles, this is a pretty good selection of PS4 games at a good price, but you might want to check prices compared to the frequent digital sales in the Sony Web Store. Some great suggestions (all PS4 exceptions):

Xbox One


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The story of the Xbox is very similar. GameStop offers the same 1TB Xbox One Minecraft Package for $ 199 it is available in almost every other retailer. But first you will find it here.

For the Xbox One games that GameStop has been promoting – they seem much less attractive than their PS4 equivalents, for this reason: all 4 titles highlight the GameStop circle – PUBG, Sea of ​​the Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and Decay Condition 2 – There is "all you can eat" the Xbox Game Pass service that Microsoft offers to new users for $ 1 a month (to get started) from now on to the end of the year. If you have a fast internet connection, this is a way to go. At least start with it to select them, and then pay the full price if you're really in love with a particular name.

Meanwhile Avoid the $ 70 off Xbox ad for other Xbox One console. You can get Raise Xbox One X for $ 100 many other retailers later in the week.

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"30 percent regardless of what you can include in a $ 5 bag"

Unfortunately, the Nintendo switch does not completely participate in the GameStop ad, so we want to make sure you know that you can, but only Switch to the Mario Kart 8 kit for no extra charge many other retailers later on the Black Friday week.


Yes, really

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Instead GameStop offers oddball ads: you can get 30 percent of any "stuff" (with many objections) you can break into a tote bag. Oh, and you have to pay $ 5 on the bag to boot. Personally, this does not look particularly interesting to me, but you do it.

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