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Galaxy X: price, specs, rumored March release date Samsung folding phone


Samsung is demonstrating a folding phone prototype.

Angela Lang / CNET

The folding phone era has officially begun. Samsung introduced the world to it first folding phone This week the device is rumored to be called Galaxy X or Galaxy F. It was not a typical announcement with every detail on how it was Galaxy S9 or Note 9 disclosure On the contrary, Samsung shielded its prefabricated phone through a short video and raised high-profile prototype work in the executive hands of the scene.

Although Samsung has never shown a folding phone close – not even after the glass of the museum – the device is a real deal. It's conceptually enough to earn Google's support. In fact, the Samsung project seems to have contributed Android official support All folding phones regardless of manufacturer. At the same time, on Wednesday afternoon, Samsung collected developers to view some more data, such as a phone 4.5 and 7.3 inches in size.

In spite of information shakes and indents, the prefabricated phone has a short draft appearance. asked more questions than answers. Here is what we know – and what else will be.

What is a phone number?

Samsung did not give the name of a prefabricated phone, but rumors suggest it will be called Galaxy X or Galaxy F. "F" could stand "fold" or "flex". "X" might mean "additional" or "10" because it has 9 Galaxy S phones, but we are waiting for the Galaxy S10 around March this year.

What is a folding phone?

If we follow the definition of Samsung, a folding phone is a device with a mobile connection (and therefore part of the phone) that looks like a tablet when it is fully open and can be closed, just like your regular phone. The Samsung prototype has a tablet screen that turns on like a book, but Royole & # 39; s FlexPai, the other folding phone has an external drop down screen, which means the screen is out. There is no uniform definition.

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Galaxy X Foldable Phone FAQ: Specifications, Release Date, Price


Did not ZTE create a prefabricated phone?

Last year, the ZTE Axon M had an early-build phone that added two separate phone screens through a central hinge. The Samsung Collapsible Phone (and Royole's FlexPai) seems to be unibody showing that it's a midpoint. The magnetic FlexPai screen is provided in a "closed" position.

We can credit Axon M by exploring a variety of new ways to use a dual-screen device; Royole has already taken some of them, for example, reflecting the contents of both screens so people can watch the same video on both sides of the table. ZTE can offer a second-generation folding (or folding) phone.

What is a folding phone?

There are two main benefits. First of all, a folding phone can more than double the available screen space. For example, the Samsung model has a 4.5-inch display that will be used when it is closed. Then the inside is opened on a 7.3-inch screen. You might say that you have the equivalent of three displays to work with.

The larger screen gives you an expanded view surface, but it also opens up various ways you can use your device. For example, Samsung's fold-out display will allow you to perform multiple actions at three locations simultaneously. ZTE Axon M allows you to use the entire screen for one app, load a separate app on each screen or mirror the same application on both screens.

What happens when you open and close the Samsung phone when you use the app?

Like Royole FlexPai, this folding phone automatically transmits the app or screen you are viewing in the "open position" dropdown position and vice versa. We noticed a few shortcomings here on FlexPai, but they were not able to find out how Samsung will make the transition.

What's so great about a Samsung display?

Samsung has launched a new display for its folding phone Infinity Flex Display. The company said it needs to change the regular layers that are part of any display (that is, it illuminates the "screen" that you see on your phone). All displays are made of layers, but they are usually stacked and unchanged. The Infinity Flex Display uses a new adhesive developed by Samsung to laminate the display layers so that they can fold and fold up hundreds of thousands of times.

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Samsung Foldable Phone will use one user interface


The company also needed to make the Infinity Flex drive thinner than any other mobile display. It reduces the thickness of the polarizer layer, which helps to make the screen legible – by 45 percent.

When will the Samsung folding phone be sold?

Samsung said that "in the coming months, mass production of the phone will begin." Excessive phone is likely to start selling in 2019, and the latest rumors call in March. as the release date. We hope that Samsung will hold a separate release to present information. Again, it was just a sneak peek.

How much will it cost?

The short answer is that we do not know because Samsung has not announced it. However, it's easy to guess that it will be a costly device. The Royole FlexPai folding phone costs $ 1318 for a device with 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal memory. The version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory is $ 1,469.


The applications will be able to work in three different ways on the folding Samsung phone screen.

Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

As the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 starts at $ 999 for energy users, it's true to say that a modern folding phone can easily start at $ 1500, if not more. We can expect executives such as Samsung (and Royole) to base high prices on the basis of total screen real estate. After all, they realized that you're getting a tablet and the phone is one and the price of the phone is only increasing.

What is battery life?

Samsung intends to give its folding phone battery life, which lasts as long as the current Galaxy smartphones take place, said Injunparks, the engineering director and head of Samsung's mobile business system software group. Despite the fact that the active screen is for emptying the battery. Note 9 The US version lasted an average of 19 hours and 20 minutes CNET looping video outflow test.

Where have got battery anyway?

We do not have access to design details, but the batteries are not bent. Expect a large battery to sit on one side and many other components to balance it on the other. One of the most important problems that we had with ZTE Axon M was that it felt unbalanced by the fact that the side that contained the battery was rather thicker and heavier than the other side. Samsung will have to watch it.


Samsung's new Infinity Flex display on the first folding phone.

Angela Lang / CNET

Is this picture what the folding phone really looks like?

Almost certainly not. Samsung demonstrated a prototype model, commenting that the real parts were hidden. Samsung is not ready for the public – or competitors – to see the final design.

If we have had one set of conversations that officially left us with a possible form of folding phone, this is the new user operating system unit. The company said that rounded rectangular edges, which form a large design motif, are intended for the rounded edges of its weapons. Foldable prototype has 90-degree edges and thick frames. We can provide a softer look.

What is the device?

Materials are a big deal, because buyers are forced to spend more on aluminum, ceramics and glass. But FlexPai uses a plastic screen and body to provide flexibility and maintenance costs, and ZTE Axon M has been marketing the camera's quality and other details to make it more affordable.


The Royole FlexPai phone is another vision of prefabricated phones.

Angela Lang / CNET

It is possible that the folding phone has at least one plastic screen. When asked by CNET, during the Samsung Parks developer session, it was suggested that the external screen might have different material that adds to the display than the interior screen. We think that the 4.5-inch screen can be made from Gorilla Glass, while the internal 7.3-inch screen can be made of plastic.

Samsung did not respond to a comment request.

How does it work?

In general, you will start using a folding phone just as it would on your regular phone, and then open it when you want to use larger screen space. Samsung did not provide information on how hardware and software shared messages.

Does it work on an Android device?

Yes, but there is more. Samsung announced that the folding phone and future handsets will work with a redesigned version of Samsung's custom software, which is called a single user interface. Samsung makes a single user interface beta this month, but only Android 9 users. It is true that the folding phone will be launched with Android Pie.

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The ZTE Axon M is a strange phone with a dual display


Which apps will work on your phone?

It's still in the early days, so we do not have much info about apps. This is part of the reason why Samsung introduced the SDC, its developer conference: to get developers on board, supporting the phone. It's possible that your device will use Samsung's internal applications, such as SmartThings, and the long-term partner Flipboard has shown initial efforts in the app.

As the biggest benefit is multi-tasking – while running three apps at the same time or accessing multiple features of a particular application at a time, developers have to worry about using flawless applications that work together on a prefabricated phone. Samsung relies on app developers to help innovate, as was done with Styles-compliant Galaxy Note apps.

When opening a device, does the smaller screen become dark?

Currently, Samsung's design will "turn off" the 4.5-inch screen and open your app on the largest 7.3-inch interior screen, picking up the place where you stopped.

What is Samsung competition?

At this moment it's small, but the future looks fierce. The pull-out ZTE Axon M is not the main competitor, and there's no Royole FlexPai, even though it surpasses Samsung's truly folding display. But we know that LG and Huawei have their plans for prefabricated phones. LG is a rumor that it will be operational as early as January CES 2019.

Will Samsung sell its folding displays to other drivers?

During the SDC panel on Wednesday, the developer asked if Samsung would sell its display technology to its competitors. It declined to comment on this option, but Samsung is one of the world's largest screen panel manufacturers. Perhaps it will eventually sell this technology to its competitors for use on its own devices.

Is all this real?

A folding phone can feel like a pipe dream, but it's one fantasy that can actually brighten up. The question remains about the price of the prefabricated device, practicality and convenience.

What comes after folding?

"Our innovation pipeline includes curved and stretched displays," Samsung Denison delivered on Wednesday.

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