Monday , October 18 2021

"Fiji Water Girl" Kelleth Cuthbert sued the company that knew him


The Canadian model Kelleth Cuthbert, who stole a red carpet at Golden Globes for his role as a "Fijian water girl", is now sued for the company she has noticed.

The fame seeker, whose real name is Kelly Steinbach, seems to be presented at a prize-giving event featuring bottled Fiji water, located in the background of hundreds of celebrity photographs. The hashtag #FijiWaterGirl created over 4000 Cuthbert-inspired posts for Instagram. Actor James Lee Curtiss used a platform to address the ubiquitous place of the brand ambassador – "I was particularly fleeing from the obvious actions of Fiji," she wrote – in a misery that attracted 100,000 pleasant and 3000 comments.

Fiji Water, one of the gold sponsors' official sponsors, for over 10 years has been an important prize in the red carpet. The company says it has rented Cuthbert to help renowned layers – not to count their individual moments of red carpet.

Interview with KTLA 5 News said Cuthbert said it was impossible to avoid the cameras from the middle of the previous action. "There are not just cameras – there are so many cameras that you are caught at the crossroads wherever you are. You are just a shot at someone. You can't avoid it," she said.

And of course she is a pro when it comes to posture. "You have to act," she said in an interview. "If you get caught in a photo, you should give it a good one."

Fiji's ambassador insists that the trick was not deliberate, nor did Fiji ask her to turn her way into photo frames. "I tell you that they have been doing it for more than a decade – soothing the stars. In all these different awards you can look back and find photos of other girls trapped in photos. That was just another level," Cuthbert said.

Holly Taylor
Holly Taylor's 76th Golden Globe Award – and the Fiji Water Model Kelleth Cuthbert – on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

Matt Sayles

This model now sues Fiji and its parent company, Wonderful Company, to use its similarity to advertise its brand without her permission, she claims. She claims that companies were trying to benefit from its popularity by launching a "global carton-cutting marketing campaign based on unauthorized use" [her] photography, similarity and identity. "

Costume claims that cardboard cutouts began in grocery stores the next day after the award, but both sides did not agree.

Cuthbert also claims that the company tried to attract him to "sign his rights" under the name "Fiji water girl". Her legal team estimates that the company, according to a lawsuit, generated more than $ 12 million in "brand exposure".

Cole Chasen Trider, representing Cuthbert, was brought to court by Fiji Water "last resort to Ms. Cuthbert, who hoped to resolve the dispute discreetly."

"Fiji Water used its image without the agreement without consent and without paying her all the financial benefits of Fiji Water," he said in a statement by CBS MoneyWatch.

Fiji Water disputed the allegations, calling the court "frivolously and completely without merit".

"After the Golden Globe social media, we talked with generous agreement with Mrs Cuthbert that she obviously violated. We are convinced that we will dominate the court. .

Cuthbert is represented by the talent agency Wilhelmina International. The agent said the agency had "absolutely no comment" on the situation.

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